Research Paper On The First Amendment

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  • Pertinent Issues in First Amendment Law

    This paper addresses First Amendment law by creating a mock-scenario for the Supreme Court to test various First Amendment issues and interpretations. This ten page paper has six sources listed in the bibliography.

  • The First Amendment is the Most Important

    This essay presents the argument that the First Amendment is the most important in the Bill of Rights, with the writer offering points pertaining to each of the amendment's clauses. Four pages in length, one source is cited.

  • Stifling Talk Radio/First Amendment Issues

    This research paper/essay begins by describing the importance and significance of the First Amendment, relating this to a history of the Fairness Doctrine and how an amendment proposed by Sen Dick Durbin last year was designed to resurrect it. The writer cites sources in order to argue that Durbin's intention was to stifle conservative talk radio. Five pages in length, six sources are cited.

  • Freedom of Religion, A First Amendment Right

    A 4 page essay/research paper that discusses the right to Freedom of Religion, which is guaranteed under the First Amendment. This examination focuses on the issues that continue to define the division between church and state that this amendment imposes on the American government. Many people today would tear down the wall dividing church and state, but this is as inadvisable today as it was when Thomas Jefferson was president, as Americans today live within the context of an increasingly diverse society. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • First Amendment & Tort Law, UK & US

    A 5 page research paper that discusses 2 questions. The first question is What effect might the American and English rules (pertaining to tort law) have on the willingness of people to assert their rights through litigation? and the second question is How does the First Amendment right to petition for redress of grievances bear on the choice between the American and English rules? Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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