Research Paper On Coal Bed Methane

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  • Import Export Zeigler Coal Holding Company

    A 7 page paper discussing a large import/export company using Zeigler Coal Holding as the point of discussion. The writer examines the company's performance over the past several years, the state of the coal industry and the company's overall corporate climate regarding management style, commitment to their employees and how they might be able to improve their performance. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Appalachia and Coal Mining

    An 8 page paper on past history of coal mining/strip-mining and damage done to the land. This piece discusses the entrance of people all over globe, and how that community is rallying to 'live at home' and 'fix the land.' The people and governments and coal mining companies are working together through re-education for new technologies and fixing the land to keep their home. Bibliography lists 12+ sources.

  • Global Warming And Methane Hydrate

    A 4 page paper. The writer suggests that the exact location and time when global warming began cannot be determined but it does appear to have begun millennia ago, even prior to the industrial revolution. Recent research from drillings in Greenland suggest a new theory for past ice ages and warming trends. Data are reported when available. Both carbon dioxide and methane hydrate cause this greenhouse effect; this is discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Independence Loss and Senior Citizens

    A 10 page research paper that investigates this topic. While safety is a consideration for all patients, it is a particularly intense consideration in regards to when an elderly patient is hospitalized. Elderly patients who have previously been active can resist the loss of their independence and have trouble accepting a new reduced level of activity while hospitalized. Furthermore, an elderly patient may become confused in new surroundings and this may acerbate the tendency to wander or try to maintain their usual degree of independence. This can be inherently dangerous. An elderly patient who attempts to climb out of hospital bed with the bed rails raised can become entrapped and injured. They can fall while trying to get to the bathroom and falls for the elderly can be potentially fatal. This literature review looks at the factors that can impact how elderly patient adjust to a loss of independence. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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