Research Paper On African Elephants

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  • The Elephant Man

    A 3 page paper which offers up a hypothetical journal entry, by Joseph Merrick (the Elephant Man, in response to Christine Sparks’ The Elephant Man. No sources cited.

  • Elephants, Rhinos, Kobs, Leopards And Buffalo: Communication In African Culture

    5 pages in length. While not art in the conventional sense, ancient African artifacts depict the cultural progression of its people by virtue of animal-infused masks, figures, tribal dances and trinkets that symbolized what they wanted to convey. The extent to which the buffalo (bravery and strength), leopard (authority), elephant (power and kingship, wisdom and patience), kob (abundant wildlife) and rhinoceros (leadership) reflect the five animal figures used most predominantly throughout the vast array of African culture is both grand and far-reaching; that these symbolic images were instrumental in expressing both basic and complex forms of communication speaks to the critical importance these figurative portrayals had in aiding man's need to share information. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Africa's Cinematic History

    A 12 page overview of African cinema. This paper notes that African cinema is the product of a number of factors, one of the most important of these being colonial influence. Africa has, in fact, been a land of triple heritage, a heritage which balances between African, French, and British values and there are still perceptible differences in cinematic preferences generations after the end of colonialism. It can be contended in fact that African film culture has been acutely inhibited by postcolonial social and economic condition. At the same time, however, contemporary African cinema is making its way into our modern world. The evolution of this cinema, although it maintains a distinctive African flavor, parallels that which is occurring in European countries and the U.S.

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