Research Paper On Risk Management In Construction

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  • Environmental Risk Management In the Construction Industry and the Role of the Project Manager

    This 82 page paper examines the role of the project managers with reference to environmental risk management, in the construction industry in the UK. The paper starts with an introduction including some background, aims and objectives, justification and limitations. Methodology for secondary and primary research is presented. The literature review looks at the tasks of the project manager, project lifecycles and risk management as well as environmental aspects of project management in construction including legislation and tools that can be used. The simulated primary research assesses the tasks that construction project managers in the UK perform, the results of the research are then used to make recommendation for improving environmental risk management in the UK construction industry. The bibliography cites 62 sources.

  • Risk Management and Construction Information Sharing on the Internet

    A 10 page paper discussing information sharing as a form of risk management. Whether a one-person business specializing in small home repair or a multinational construction firm that undertakes only multimillion-dollar government-funded projects, cost and budget control can be as important to the success of the construction business as is technical expertise. In today’s environment, it is critical that partners involved in construction projects share the information they have about their joint projects. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

  • Project Risk Management

    This 24 page paper looks at different aspects of risk management within project management. The first three questions consider the way that risks may be identified and assessed when looking at large project and how or why project management processes may fail to identify and quantify accurately all risks that are present. The paper then compares the PMBOK and Chapman and Wards SHAMPU approach to project risk management. The last section the paper uses risk management to identify risks with a given case study. The bibliography cites three sources.

  • 7 Risk Management Questions

    Seven risk management questions answered in 7 pages. Questions include defining risk; how risk differs for organizations and for individuals; comparison of qualitative and quantitative analysis and the worth of each; using multiple criteria in decision making; and the possibility of identifying all possible sources of risk. Other questions address the value of exercising risk management procedures on the risk management process and evaluation of the idea that if all sources of risk could be identified, then no risk exists. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Risk Management Questions

    This 16 page paper answers a set of questions set by the student concerning risk management. Issues discussed include the types of data that may be recorded by an airline for risk management purposes, the risk management cycle, why risk management is important, the direct and indirect impact on profitability and the types of probability measures that are useful. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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