Research Paper On Improving Listening Skills

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  • Listening Techniques

    A 16 page research paper, which includes a 1-page abstract and an 1-item appendix, that addresses the topic of listening, which is a foundational skill to academic achievement at all levels. This literature review explores the topic of listening, both from the perspective of how teachers can improve on their listening skills and also how they can instruct their students in regards to listening skills. Topics covered include the importance of listening; approaches to improving listening; classroom management techniques, getting students to listen; listening in the early grades; listening to music; listening techniques, effective listening; the importance of teachers. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

  • Active Development of Listening Skills

    A 6 page paper reviewing active listening skills and then putting them into practice. The skills discussed in this paper include maintaining eye contact with the speaker; avoiding distractions; treating listening as a challenging mental task; formulating mental questions; and using "the gap between the rate of speech and your rate of thought." The list of skills were put into practice after completing an online self-evaluation, to reveal to the listener that she had not been a good listener at all in the past. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Interpersonal Communication/Listening Skills

    A 4 page research paper on listening skills. The writer focuses on listening styles, barriers to listening and strategies to make listening more efficient. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • The History and Significance of Communication Skills

    10 pages in length. The historic relationship between supervisor and subordinate has often been described as tenacious at best and downright offensive at worst. That bosses too readily don an attitude of inaccessibility by way of poor communication and listening skills speaks to the prevalence of unsatisfactory interaction where working relationships are concerned. Whetten et al (2005) duly point out how possessing exceptional listening skills "is neither easy nor automatic" (p. 228) but instead requires one to develop "the ability to hear and understand the message sent by another person, while at the same time helping to strengthen the relationship between the interacting parties" (p. 228). As such, the only way in which businesses can thrive from an internal perspective is by cultivating a strong – and sincere – approach toward communication and listening skills that are adopted by every level of the corporate ladder. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Keyboard Skills and Further Technology

    7 pages in length. There is little question that learning keyboarding skills at the third grade level does, indeed, help improve technological skills later on in school. Part of the challenge of acquiring a good, sound education is getting the student interested in the lesson plan; while some are inherently good students, others require the extra added incentive that computer access offers. However, the child's interaction with the computer is only as effective as his keyboarding skills, which, as studies have begun to note, are just as essential as is understanding the programs. The writer discusses how learning keyboarding in the third grade helps to improve technological skills later on in school. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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