Research Paper On Child Discipline

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  • Aspects Of Spanking Children

    8 pages in length. Hardly was there a time before society became so politically correct and oversensitive to the aspect of discipline that children were routinely swatted for misbehaving. Whether done with a belt, spatula or by hand, a child who defied established boundaries or spoke out of turn would learn a quick and painful lesson that - in theory - would deter the same misconduct from occurring again. Indeed, some children were either too stubborn or careless and earned subsequent spankings for treading on thin behavioral ice, however, this form of punishment was practically universal in its ability to teach children about wrong and right. Today, however, spanking is listed as corporal punishment and can send a parent or caregiver to jail. The climate of child discipline has become so hot that there is no middle ground where advocates and critics reside; you are either a heathen for laying a hand on your child or you are a spineless parent for failing to control inappropriate behavior. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Child Spanking and Canadian Law

    This 6-page paper discusses the controversy over spanking as a means of disciplining children, and argues that the practice should be abolished. This is particularly important at the moment, as the Canadian Supreme Court recently upheld a law that allows parents to spank their children. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Peter Senge's Five Disciplines

    Peter Senge has been one of the most influential business theorists over the last decade, in his book "The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization", he puts forward the idea that there are five disciplines an organization must tackle if it is to be successful. This 8 page paper considers those discipline as a while and then individually. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

  • Freiberg and Albert on Cooperative Discipline

    An 8 page paper. The two most common approaches to cooperative discipline are from Albert and Freiberg. The writer discusses each, including the basic principles, components and goals of each. Freiberg's model is called Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline. As is shown in the essay the two approaches as far as cooperative discipline is concerned have a number of similarities. Research supporting Freiberg's model is also included. bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Children's Reactions to Being Told No

    A 24 page research paper emphasizing different disciplinary techniques. Emphasis is on how children respond to being told "no." The predominant reaction if rebellion and resentment. Other techniques for saying "no" were explored including Positive Discipline and Induction. Extensive bibliography is included.

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