Research Paper On Healthcare Management

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  • Emory Healthcare - Fellowship Application

    This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of applying for a fellowship in healthcare management. It provides responses to typical application questions. Bibliography lists 0 sources.

  • Managing Quality and Risk Management in a Mental Health Environment

    This 12 page paper looks at the concept and use of quality management in healthcare with particular attention to a mental healthcare facility. The concepts and meaning of quality care are discussed, along with the way it is implemented, Internal and external influences are considered and some recommendations are made for improving quality management in a mental healthcare facility. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

  • Epidemiology & STDs

    An 8 page research paper that defines and discusses the impact and relationship of epidemiology to healthcare interventions and policies pertaining to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This overview of epidemiology looks specifically at the uses and applications of epidemiological analyses and data as it pertains to the management STDs. This information addresses how hospitals and community-based healthcare address the decision-making processes for allocation of limited healthcare resources and also the role and use of epidemiological data as this information relates to the evolution, definition and refinement of disease management programs that address STDs. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

  • Operations Management; Principle Healthcare Case Study

    This 16 page paper looks at a company (Principle Healthcare) and considers different aspects of operations management. The first questions deals with the way the operational strategy goals and the strategy realized may have some gaps. The second part of the paper considers forecasting and the firm's web site, the third questions considers supply chain management and the last questions looks at theories that may help with improvements in the firm, the theory of constraints and pull systems on inventory management are discussed. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

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