Government Research Paper On Immigration

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  • Immigration During the 1920s

    A 5 page paper which examines immigration and immigration policy during the 1920s. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Christian View on Immigration

    A 10 page research paper/essay that examines the questions of how Christians should view immigration issues. This examination of immigration issues, with a particular focus on the United States and illegal immigration, seeks to establish a consensus of how scholars feel Christians should regard immigrants and immigration policy. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Illegal Immigration and the Cuban Issue

    A 30 page overview of the inherent flaws in Cuban immigration policy. The author compares Cuban immigration to immigration as a whole and specifically to the problems of Haitian immigration. The controversy surrounding the issues is assessed from a historic, economic, and social perspective and a "best alternative" is presented. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

  • Western US and Hispanic Americans

    Illegal immigration, migrant farm jobs and two periods of immigration allowances since the turn of the century have determined large Hispanic communities in the modern West. States like Texas have struggled to define these communities and distinguish between illegal immigrants and the crack down on illegal immigration and the rights of Hispanic-Americans living in these communities. This 12 page paper considers the scope of this problem, reflects the role of law enforcement officials, and also considers the problem of vigilante border patrols, who pose a threat both to Hispanic American citizens and illegal immigrants. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • Opposition to Illegal Immigration Arguments

    A 4 page paper opposing illegal immigration. Arguing against illegal immigration is difficult because the very stance raises the ire of well-meaning liberals and offends the sensibilities of many who are far more conservative. Further, those of us who are not of 100 percent Native American heritage are products of immigration ourselves. These difficulties do nothing to alter the facts of illegal immigration, however. Citizens and structures are not prepared for such high numbers of individuals, and the effect is that our judicial system, labor markets and social support systems are overwhelmed. The US needs to establish and enforce immigration control measures, welcoming most but maintaining control of when they arrive and how they survive once they are across the border. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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