Research Paper On Consumer Perception Towards Patanjali

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  • Racial Issues in Sport

    This 5 page paper looks at a range of racial issues in sport. This includes discrimination against racial minorities through wages and positions played, the disparity of white ownership of sports teams, the movement towards increased equality, the present of racism in the media and the perceptions of the fans and the sport people. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

  • Singapore Contract Law

    This 8 page paper examines a contract law case posed by the student. A consumer makes a purchase by mail order, The goods sent differ to those ordered, and the seller refuses to accept them back. The paper examined the position of the seller and the consumers using case law and legislation. The paper is written with reference to Singapore law. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • The Nature Of Visual Perception

    11 pages in length. People may have eyes with which to see, however, the manner by which they actually visualize is comprised of significantly more than merely gazing at an image. Human visual perception encompasses myriad components that, when working synergistically, create visual awareness. Some of these aspects are strictly physiological in composition (black/white, color, object/motion/depth/multimodal perception, achromatopsia, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, color blindness) while others are theoretical in nature (unconscious inference, Gestalt theory, ecological psychology), all of which allows man to visually perceive his world from a diverse perspective. The extent to which visual perception reflects even the most subtle nuances of many disciplines is both grand and far-reaching; that 'seeing' something equates with embracing its imagery through so many variations speaks to the greater complexities of visual perception than most people realize. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • An Article on Subliminal Perception Critiqued

    A 3 page article critique that examines a study performed by Benoit and Thomas (1992) on the relationship between the belief that a subliminal message can affect behavior and the outcome of such perception. This study did not explore the validity of subliminal messaging, but rather how the belief in subliminal messaging could effect perception. The writer summarizes the research, discusses its importance to psychology and offers personal observations. No other sources cited.

  • Soccer, Culture and Identity

    This 4 page paper looks at the way in which individual and group culture and self perception may be impacted as a result of sport, specifically the practice of soccer. The paper includes discussion on the way that the practice of the sport may be seen as a reflection as well as an influence on identity and self perception. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

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