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  • An Examination of Aborigine Oppression in Doctor Worreddy's Prescription for Enduring the Ending of the World

    This 3 page paper discusses this complex and insightful telling of the oppression of the Aborigines in Australia. This story illustrates the ways in which the whites oppressed the blacks and how the culture and history of the Aborigines was devestated as a result. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Analysis of Al Qaeda's Strategy And Organization

    10 pages in length. The agenda typical of militant operations is that of complete anarchy; the fact that suicide missions are one of the most widely used tactics speaks to a mindset whereby no life is sacred, not even their own. The world-view of fundamentalists like Al Qaeda is unlike the rest of the civilized planet, with skewed perspectives, inflated self-importance and malicious agendas fueling the global mayhem. Al Qaeda's steadfast organization and extremist strategy resembles several who wreaked havoc throughout history with the same intent to isolate or abolition by way of fanaticism. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Western Thought and Universal Law

    This 8 page paper presents the idea that Western thought is quite different from ideas found in the rest of the world. Hinduism is discussed in depth. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • IHL and the Gulf War

    This 5 page paper examines the role of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) during the Gulf War, the paper considers the requirements of IHL, the issues it raised during this conflict, the way in which it was violated by both sided and the lessons for the future. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

  • Citizenship Understanding and Naturalization Laws

    This 12 page paper discusses the naturalization laws of various countries and how those laws reveal the value which is placed upon citizenship. This paper shows that different countries have different naturalization requirements, and therefore each highlights their own ideas about what a citizen should offer to society. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Article 2 of the European Uunion Draft Constitutional Treaty

    This 6 page paper first looks at Article 2 pf the EU Draft Constitution and then considers whether or not Council Directive 2003/9/EC, lays down the minimum standards for the reception of asylum seekers, can be seen as building on it. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

  • AIDS and Accusations Haiti and the Geography of Blame by Paul Farmer

    This 7 page paper examines the social inequalities that have shaped the epidemiology of AIDS. Furthermore, this paper examines the cultural implications of the disease as well as the specific problems associated with the Haitian population. Bibliography lists 1 source.

  • News Articles/Geography

    A 3 page paper which examines news articles on a website and then examines the geography associated with those stories, internationally. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • U.S. and Australia Country Facts

    4 pages in length. The writer briefly discusses geography, economics, government, religion, language and exchange rate as they relate to Australia and the United States. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Influences and Development of Great Britain

    This 3 page paper is an analysis of Britain and considers the impact of globalisation and the geographical impacts of different development trends, such as the industrial revolution and the natural physical geography. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Country Comparison: Spain And The United States

    5 pages in length. The national infrastructure of both Spain and the United States shares many statistical similarities and noteworthy differences. Examining aspects of geography, military, economics and environment, one gains a significantly better understanding of each nation's diversity and parallels. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • History and Structure of the WTO

    A 10 page research paper tracing the origins of the WTO from it's GATT beginnings and including critical views of the organization's strengths, weaknesses and direction. The paper examines the structure of the WTO, briefly including decision/appeal procedures and how the WTO could affect the sovereignty of member nations. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • North America and the Immigration of the Scots

    This 28 page paper discusses the history of the immigration of Scotts to the United States and Canada. Specifically, this paper explores the reasons for their immigration, as well as settlement patterns, hardships they endured, ports of entry and so forth. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

  • 'The End of History?' by Francis Fukuyama

    A 17 page paper that presents an outline and explanation of Fukuyama's thesis about the end of history and the last man. The essay "The End of History?" published in 1989 and the book, The End of History and the Last Man, published in 1992 are still being discussed and analyzed in today's literature. Fukuyama's works created a great deal of furor and criticism in some circles and were applauded in other circles. This paper reports the interpretations of these two works by numerous scholars and also presents the criticisms levied against the thesis by other scholars. The thesis is that liberal democracy has won as the preferred system; this was evidenced by the end of the Cold War and this constitutes the end of history. One question asked by a number of authors is whether Fukuyama means this is the end of history or the end of historical thinking? The thesis is much more complex than this statement would imply and the complexities are discussed and reflected upon. The writer includes their own reflections. Bibliography lists 21 sources.

  • History of WMDs in Iraq

    This 6 page paper examines the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq possessed prior to the U.S. invasion of that country. Furthermore, this paper provides analysis as to the reasons for the U.S. invasion as well as the history of prior wars between the U.S. and Iraq. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Islamic History Questions

    A 6 page question/answer address of the volatility that has characterized the Middle East. The author addresses four specific questions: 1. List and explain three types of Islamic renewal or reform. 2. In what ways did the decline of the Ottoman Empire set the stage for increased American involvement in the Middle East? 3. What broad political strategy did the Eisenhower administration use to meet the challenges of Arab nationalism? 4. To what extent was the deterioration of US-Egyptian relations a result of a personal conflict between Lyndon Johnson and Nasser? Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • A Short History of World War I by Jame Stokebury

    This 3 page paper provides a summary and analysis of, "A Short History of World War I". This paper highlights the strengths of this book as well as the major conclusions of the author. Bibliography lists 1 source.

  • World History Effects of Three Forms of Nationalism

    A 6 page paper which examines how nationalism influenced 19th and 20th century world history, also considering the various factors in each and what they share in common. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Developments in Negotiation Theory

    This 26 paper looks at the development and scope of negotiation theory and its’ interdependence with conflict theory. The paper is written as a literature review and focuses research published in or after 2007. The different approaches to negotiations are outlined along with the potential for different factors impact on the way they take place and their outcomes. Influences such as emotions, stereotyping, social issues, the media and trade are all included in the review. A table at the end of the paper summarizes the research. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

  • Reducing Dependence on Foreign Oil in the Transportation Industry

    This 5 page paper discusses why it's vital that America reduce its dependence on foreign oil, and ways in which the transportation industry can reduce that dependence. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Sexuality Regulation

    A 4 page exploration of attempts by organizations such as the World Association for Sexology (WAS) and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) to define and protect sexuality. This paper points out that because sexuality is so culturally variable such a task is an impossibility. Bibliography lists 1 source.


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Click on any of the term papers to read a brief synopsis of the research paper. The essay synopsis includes the number of pages and sources cited in the paper.


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