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  • 3 Human Services Providers Websites Assessed

    A 4 page paper presenting the speaker notes for a PowerPoint® presentation with the same name. There is a wide variety of human services providers that can be found on the Internet. Three types are examined here and in the presentation: addiction treatment, job training and counseling services. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Dissertation Proposal for Autistic Children's Improved Social Interaction

    This 8 page paper proposes a study into the emotional aspect that influence social interaction of children aged 8 – 12 diagnosed as suffering from autism. The paper gives the goals of the study and conducts a brief literature review looking at supporting studies and looks at potential tools for measurement of social and emotional abilities. The paper also gives a brief methodology and outlines the expected results. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

  • Case Study & Calgary Family Intervention Model

    A 3 page research paper that uses a brief case scenario in order to discuss the details of the Calgary Family Intervention Model and the Calgary Family Assessment Model. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Applying the Singapore Association of Counseling (SAC) Ethics Code to a Case Study

    This 10 page paper is based on a case study supplied by the student. Written in 4 parts the first part looks at the way that events in the case breach the Singapore Association of Counseling (SAC) Ethics Code, at the events that are unprofessional but do not breach the code. The paper then goes on to identify sections of the ethics code that may be surprising or difficult to comply with and then areas where there are weaknesses and improvements would be beneficial. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

  • Adolescence, Quality of Life, and Suicide

    This 8 page paper provides an overview of the issue of quality of life and the choice of suicide. The conflict between religious ideologies, moral perspectives, and questions of humanity and human rights have all come into play to support and negate claims of the right of the individual to chose euthanasia or suicide, especially when relating issues of the quality of life to certain populations, including adolescents at-risk. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Suicide Assessment

    A 3 page research paper that provides an overview of the factors affecting suicide assessment. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • 'Essentials of Chemical Dependency Counseling' by Lawson et al

    5 pages in length. The extent to which Lawson et al (1984) provide a thorough and comprehensive insight to the issue of chemical dependency counseling is both grand and far-reaching. "Essentials of Chemical Dependency" explores every possible nuance of successful intervention, as well as furnishes in-depth explication of the multiple elements associated with the overall counseling process, such as understanding the difference between gender and chemical dependency, different counseling approaches, cultural implications of chemical dependency, as well as an entire chapter dedicated to the ethics of counseling. No additional sources cited.

  • Literature Review on the Value of Mentoring

    This 40 page literature review is divided into four relatively equal sections as follows: I. Does Mentoring Decrease Criminal Involvement for African American Girls? II. What needs does mentoring address in African American girls? III. Is one on one mentoring more effective than group mentoring? IV. What are the long term results of mentoring for African American girls ages 12-18? Many studies are cited throughout the course of the paper and sources include journals, books, newspaper articles, magazine articles and web sites. Bibliography lists 75 sources.

  • Literature Review of Counseling and Confidentiality

    This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of counseling and confidentiality. A literature review reveals common thinking on the subject. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Effect of Childhood Experience of Sex Abuse on Marriage

    A 12 page research paper/literature review that examines the effects of childhood sexual abuse on women within the context of marriage. This literature review investigates the findings of empirical research and what this body of information reveals about the precise effects of childhood abuse on the relationships of adult women, with a particular regard for how a history of child abuse has an effect on their marriages. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Premarital Counseling Effects Upon Marriage Length

    An 8 page paper describing a quantitative study assessing whether pre-marital counseling positively affects length of marriage. Despite all of the attention that the problem of divorce receives, divorce rates continue to increase. Most couples do not undergo pre-marital counseling, which anecdotally is viewed as being beneficial in strengthening and preserving marriages. The hypothesis tested here is that couples who undergo pre-marital counseling remain married longer than those who do not; results of the empirical study support the hypothesis. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Therapeutic Benefits of Recreational Therapy

    It is known that exercise is good for both physical and mental health, that play reduces stress and provides an outlet for negative emotional response. Play therapy is an accepted therapeutic tool in the field of psychology and, yet, recreational therapists are often considered to be 'camp counselors' or, at best, diversionary experts. This 10 page paper explores the therapeutic usefulness of recreational therapy in a number of settings. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

  • Adolescent Homosexuality and Counseling Perspectives

    A 5 page paper that deals with the issues facing counseling psychologists who counsel adolescent homosexuals. The paper discusses the issues facing the adolescents and gives the psychologist background research on a few of these issues. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • System Dynamics in Gilbert Grape

    A 4 page essay that analyzes the family of Gilbert Grape, as portrayed in the novel What's Eating Gilbert Grape by Peter Hedges, from a Living System Theory perspective. Bibliography lists 1 source.

  • Codes of Ethics Comparisons of the Amerian Association of Pastoral Counselors, Association of Christian Counselors, and the American Counseling Association

    A 6 page comparison of these ethical codes. The author points out the similarities and differences that exist between these major counseling organizations in regard to the codes of ethics they have put into place. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Counselors' Codes of Ethics

    A 6 page overview of the differences that exist between the Codes of Ethics for the American Counseling Association (ACA), the American Association of Christian Counseling (AACC), and the American Association of Pastoral Counselors(AAPC) in regard to the guidance they provide to Sexual Intimacies, Conflict of Interest (Dual Roles) and Relationship to Society. The author presents the hypothesis that these differences exist because each organization in question deals more with a particular client base and environment, a fact that introduces concerns that differ somewhat from the client bases and environments found in other organizations. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Methods in Group Counseling

    A 4 page research paper that offers a brief overall discussion of group counseling. The advantages of group counseling over individual therapy are discussed, as well as delineating various types and approaches to group counseling. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Ethics and Choice of Therapy

    A 15 page research paper that discusses the advantages and drawbacks of group versus individual therapy. The paper includes a overview of the ethical issues that affect both modalities of counseling practice. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


    This 5-page paper discusses the strength-based approach in helping a female prisoner cope when she's released into society. Bibliography lists 1 source.

  • Systems Theory and Feminist Viewpoints in Therapy

    Feminist theory as it is applied to therapy shares with systems theory the belief that the therapist is an agent for social change through the process of exploring cultural processes and the ethical considerations that result. This 5 page paper provides a brief overview of the two in order to compare the perspectives toward therapy. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Establishing a Social Counseling Group

    This 12 page paper evaluates the remedial model in respect to group counseling. How social workers can set up groups effectively is addressed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Brazil's Democratization Process and the 'Rational Choice Model'

    (8 pp) In her 1997 book, Eroding Military Influence in Brazil: Politicians Against Soldiers, Wendy Hunter examines the situation under the auspices of the "rational choice model." Because she claims that politicians are primarily interested in their own political survival, the rational choice model is an excellent measuring device for the shift towards democracy within the political structure of Brazil. Bibliography lists one source.

  • Ethical Issues in Mental Health Care Practice

    A 7 page research paper that addresses 2 ethical issues for mental health care practice. Mental health counselors in the US follow the code of ethics layout by the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA). This comprehensive code covers numerous areas of ethical concern, two of which are the issues of obtaining informed consent and patient confidentiality. These are two areas that are integral to either counseling or research endeavors and therefore should be of prime consideration for practitioners. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Communication and Listening Skills in Social Work

    A paper which looks at the nature of listening skills in social work, in relation to the social worker's interaction with the client and also in terms of interdisciplinary communications. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Literature Review of Counseling and Confidentiality

    This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of counseling and confidentiality. A literature review reveals common thinking on the subject. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Conduct Disorder from 2 Perspectives

    6 pages in length. This paper will examine what a conduct disorder is and two different ways to recognize one. Recognizing conduct disorder through the use of the cognitive process is one of these methods, and recognizing conduct disorder through the affective process is another way. Both methods are thoroughly covered in this paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Conduct Disorder

    6 pages in length. This paper will examine two different ways to understand the background of conduct disorder. Recognizing conduct disorder as being brought on through the cognitive process is one of these methods, and recognizing conduct disorder as being brought about through the affective process is another way. Both methods are thoroughly covered in this paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Spirituality & Religion in Counseling

    A 6 page research paper/essay that considers the integration of spirituality and religion with therapeutic techniques within the framework of counseling. In increasing numbers, health practitioners, clinicians and therapeutic counselors are realizing that spirituality and religion are an indispensable component of human life. Furthermore, these professionals are increasingly realizing that the incorporation of spiritual and religious elements within the framework of counseling or health care facilitates the healing process and promotes the achievement of positive client outcomes. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Social Work and Concept of Systemic Thinking

    A six page paper which looks at the concept of systemic thinking and the various ways it can be applied by social workers and therapists within the context of family relationships, in terms of establishing a dialogue through which conflict can be resolved and individual autonomy established.

  • How to Community Drug Abuse Before It Starts

    A 15 page presentation & proposal designed to fulfill an unmet need in an inner-city community. The writer discusses how a social services center can be used to gather support from parents & teachers in proactively taking kids off the streets and helping them to avoid drug use before ever starting. Relevant social theories, constituents involved, and a plan for presenting the idea to the local government are presented. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

  • Can Anything Be Done About School Violence?

    A 12 page examination of violence in our schools and the anti-violence programs which are being implemented to deter it. Special emphasis is placed on one such program in Northwest Florida. Bibliography lists seven sources.

  • The Space Between Us by Ruthellen Josselson

    This 5 page research paper provides a critical analysis to consider the importance of the sociology text, The Space Between Us, by Ruthellen Josselson. No additional sources cited.

  • Separation, Divorce, and Narrative Therapy

    A 10 page research paper that explores the use of narrative therapy, particularly in regards to how it can be used to help women facing issues of loss and grief due to separation or divorce. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • Inner Childhood Issues and Group Therapy

    A 5 page paper that examines the psychological and sociological treatments of group therapy and psychodrama and explains the benefits this type of treatment offers individuals who suffer from problems stemming from inner childhood issues or trauma. Included is a brief history of the group therapy treatment process as it was developed and defined by Dr. Jacob Moreno in the early twentieth century. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


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Click on any of the term papers to read a brief synopsis of the research paper. The essay synopsis includes the number of pages and sources cited in the paper.


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