Research Paper On Volunteering

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  • Volunteer Fire Department Volunteer Retention

    10 pages in length. Maintaining retention of volunteers in a volunteer fire department is a challenging objective, especially when it comes to keeping up morale, working with each individual's schedule and making it worth the volunteers' time and effort. The best methods of keeping volunteers interested and active are those that instill a sense of excitement, learning and overall intrigue by keeping the volunteers well-trained through local and remote training sessions, as well as providing enough of a challenge so that the work is neither overwhelming nor uninteresting. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • Volunteer Program Success and Staffing

    This 4 page paper begins by discussing Staffing the Volunteer Program Success by Susan J. Ellis, who emphasizes the importance of hiring a person to manage and supervise the volunteer program. The essay then brings in other authors who have written on the same topic. Statistical data regarding the number of volunteers and their worth in America are included. A six-step process for managing the program is outlined. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Service and Volunteerism in the US, Chile, and France

    This is a 5 page paper comparing volunteerism in France, Chile and the United States. Volunteerism and community service are not international trends and are unheard of in many countries. In the United States at least 49% of the population has claimed that they have volunteered at least once in a community based organization or event. Nationally however, volunteers within the United States tend to concentrate their volunteer efforts on local levels as do local corporations. Volunteers in France and other European countries however concentrate more on international issues and social responsibility than on local concerns. In other countries, such as Chile, volunteerism is almost unheard of and not an historical or cultural aspect of the national government’s agenda. As the difference in the wealth and poorer classes in Chile widens, volunteers have only recently emerged to try and promote support for people within the communities to have the basics of life and have had to rely heavily upon international volunteer efforts and support. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

  • Reviews of Articles on Volunteerism

    This 18 page paper provides six separate article summaries and reviews all on volunteerism. Each of the pieces look at different aspects of nonprofit organizations from an economic analysis to fraud that exists within these organizations. Other areas are explored such as coaxing adolescents to engage in volunteer activities. Various issues are examined in the context of this paper. Each analysis begins with a proper article citation. No bibliography.

  • Volunteer Environment, Teams, Conflict Management, and Leadership

    A 6 page discussion of the importance of teams and leadership in resolving conflict in the volunteer environment. Using the example of a halfway house, the author delineates the steps which must be taken to insure that the primary group goals are met. These steps include the establishment of a strong leader and close attention to intragroup communication. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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