Research Paper On Tropical Rainforest

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  • Sustainable Development of Rain Forests' Natural Resources

    A 3 page research paper that is based on the premise that this research is a speech delivered by the head of a damn project to be built in the African rainforest. The speech argues for sustainable development of the rainforest as a valued natural resource. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Rain Forest Deforestation

    A 7 page overview of the numerous direct and indirect impacts which are associated with the destruction of our world’s rainforests. The author touches on the impacts caused by farming, logging and general development, emphasizing that deforestation destroys not just the rainforest trees but the entire intricately balanced habitat. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Pre-Great Depression Tropical Agricultural Productsof Africa and Europe's Increase in Demand

    Africa’s Tropical Agricultural Products and its Response to Increased European Demand Before the Great Depression of 1929: In twelve pages this paper examines Africa’s important export industry of tropical agricultural products and considers how its countries responded to the increased demand by European nations prior to 1929’s Great Depression. Five sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Destroying the World's Rain Forests

    A 5 page paper discussing current thinking on the plight of the subsistence farmer responsible for the greatest portion of destruction of the world's rainforests. Though outside groups often sought commercial development of the world's rainforests while well-meaning groups held meaningless protests, environmentalists in recent years have developed pragmatic views of the growing problem. It has not been the 'evil corporation' seeking its own profits regardless of the costs involved, but rather a combination of poor fiscal policies, ineffective social programs and too-rapid population growth that have taken the greatest toll. True reduction of the devastation lies in social approaches in the nations in which the rainforests are located. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Rainforest and Ecotourism

    This 9-page paper provides an example of how an eco-friendly hotel would operate in a Puerto Rican rainforest. Topics discussed include external activities for the guests, how the hotel should be constructed and some information on finances.

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