Research Paper On Organizational Culture Pdf

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  • Planning and Organizational Management

    A 9 page paper answering 12 questions about organizational structure and management. Questions address topics including planning; corporate social responsibility; team-based, network-based, and boundaryless structures; future workforce trends; control systems; leadership theory; and how leaders affect organizational culture. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • A Forecast of Project Management Trends

    This 3 page paper examines three trends in project management that might expand in the next decade. The trends discussed are project audis, ad hoc project teams and also that notion that organizational culture will support organizational learning. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Management of Corporate Culture

    12 pages in length. The existence of organizational culture within a company’s framework can be likened to the essential elements provided a flower by the life-giving sun: without the protective and stimulating direction provided by the sun’s gentle power, the flower would cease to exist. Indeed, the same can be said about the fundamental basis of an organization’s cultural presence, given the fact that if such an important concept is not effectively managed and maintained, the company will find itself without the necessary core of organizational structure. The writer discusses organizational culture and the manner in which it is managed in the business world. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

  • Empowerment, Management, and Leadership

    A 5 page paper that begins with a discussion of the differences between leadership and management. This discussion includes a comparative list of some of the different actions characteristic of each. The paper then comments that a change of organizational culture to one of empowerment may be met with resistance, which, in turn, may be the result of fear and the three steps to take when dealing with this kind of resistance. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Communication Case at Office Supply Store

    A 7 page paper based on a case study from Harvard Business School. This essay focuses on communication issues as described in the case study. The writer comments on communication barriers, communication channels, an effective communication strategy for Lewis, organizational culture and other issues in the case. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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