Research Paper On Grimm&Amp;#39;S Fairy Tales

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  • Fairytales and Use of Sexist Language

    A 7 page paper in which the writer discusses sexist language and themes in common folklore and fairy tales. Grimm’s “Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs” persists as a primary point of reference to support the thesis that classic tales are gender-biased. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Interpreting Fairy Tale Illustration: Cinderella

    3 pages in length. Elenore Abbott's illustration of "Cinderella" in the 1920 printing of Grimm's Fairy Tales brings about an entirely different perspective than to which contemporary society has become accustomed. The most immediate sense one has about Abbott's interpretation is its ethereal countenance and the utter serenity with which the artist captures Cinderella's innocence. Her chosen medium of watercolor serves to enhance this otherworldly tone of the illustration, and the muted hues combine to bring about a calming, gentle feeling. No bibliography.

  • Animals in the Fairy Tales of The Brothers Grimm

    This 6 page essay examines the role of animals in many popular Grimm Fairy Tales. The stories examined are Cinderella, The Frog King and Little Red Riding Hood. The paper examines both the use of animals in these stories, as well as the likely symbolism that their appearance could convey. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

    A 5 page analyzes that examines how Esquivel's novel resembles a fairy tale and the significance of this resemblance. The writer argues that the story is similar to a fairy tale in that it presents a story that carries the power of myth. This is evident in the manner in which it portrays women and their relationship to the domestic sphere, while also offering a template for female identification that departs from the restrictions inherent in that role. No additional sources cited.

  • Death's Role and Meaning in Fairy Tales

    10 pages in length. Inasmuch as fairy tales offer a number of ideals and issues for readers to contemplate, one can easily understand the complexity of what many believe to be harmless, fabricated entertainment. Indeed, there are tremendous implications in any given fairy tale that encourages the reader to look beyond the obvious intent of the words and delve into the deeper meaning. Such is the case with the concept of death, a most prominent aspect within the world of fairy tales. The writer discusses how death can come to mean a great deal of diversities, from spiritual awakening to downright depravity, depending upon which story one is considering. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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