Research Paper On Soil Analysis Pdf

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  • History of Soil Erosion and Conservation Efforts

    A 6 page paper discussing lessons in controlling soil erosion from past cultures (pre-Columbian Mexico, the Inca and Haiti); operational control and physical treatment of the soil. Operational control includes crop selection and lighter tilling to retain soil; physical treatment includes terracing, strip cropping and organic farming. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Practice of Soil Reinforcement with Steel

    A 5 page paper discussing the practice of reinforcing soil with narrow steel bands, a technique that provides immense benefit in soil stabilization for construction projects and can reduce costs as much as 50 percent. This method of reinforcing soil for construction purposes has been found to be useful in a variety of settings and for a wide range of purchases. It is useful in virtually any setting in which there will be static or dynamic stresses on supporting soil, such as bridge abutments or roadways running along the top of sloping terrain. It is also useful in areas in which earthquake activity is common. Includes 2 figures. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Soil Salinity in the Imperial Valley

    This 5 page paper discusses soil salinity in the Imperial Valley of California, including what it is, why it’s prevalent in this location, what effects it has, how it’s formed, what its benefits are (if any) and what can be done to change the amount of salt in the soil. Bibliography lists 6 sources

  • Soils Warning Issued by World Scientists

    A 5 page overview of the implications of the 'World Scientists' Warning to Humanity' to soils. Recounts the havoc agriculture and modern and historic subsistence practices have dealt on the world's soils. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Nature in R.S. Thomas' Poetry

    This 5 page paper discusses the nature element as theme in two representative poems of R.S. Thomas: Soil and Cynddylan on a Tractor. Specific examples are quoted and cited from the text. In depth analysis also included for both poems. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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