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  • Workplace and Gender Prejudice

    6 pages in length. Gender discrimination in the workplace is an industry ill that has run rampant over the past couple of decades. Only within this time frame has society come to realize that there is no place for gender prejudice when both men and women are working hard toward the same goals. In some cases, women have demonstrated considerable more dedication to the job than men, who are often categorized as being lazy and ineffective. Indeed, there is room for both genders within the workplace, but it is establishing an element of respect, as well as a recognition of duty, toward one another that will ultimately eliminate gender prejudice in the workplace. The writer discusses how experts are working hard to organize industrywide cooperation in fighting the undercurrent of workplace gender prejudice in the next two decades. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Federal and State Employment Laws

    7 pages in length. Employment laws exist as a bridge between companies and staff so each receives equitable consideration when it comes to on-the-job treatment. From age and gender discrimination to employee benefits and workplace safety to sexual harassment, federal and state employment laws work to provide an environment that is legally and ethically amenable to all. Two of the most common laws found at both a federal and state level are those that pertain to discrimination and whistle blowing. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Gendered Workplace and Women in Management Positions

    6 pages in length. Nothing is quite as infuriating in today's gender-conscious society than knowing a woman was denied promotion or employment because she was not a man. Indeed, this type of blatant gender discrimination is not as obvious in the contemporary workplace as it has historically been, however, it still exists to such a degree that women – fully qualified and eager to move forward in their careers - continue to pursue higher positions with mixed results. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • UK Gender Discrimination

    A 12 page paper. The gender pay gap in the UK is the widest of any country in the European Union. About 30 percent of managers and administrators in the country are women but they are concentrated at the lowest levels of management. Further, they are paid 24 percent less than male counterparts. This essay explores the issue of gender discrimination in the workplace and the very real glass ceiling that exists. The writer provides the core elements of the law and reports the lack of significant changes in more than three decades. The essay also provides suggestions for eliminating gender discrimination. Statistical data included. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

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