Research Paper On Depression In The Elderly

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  • Research Proposal Regarding a Study of Institutionalized Elderly and Depression

    This 8 page paper provides an overview of a proposal for a research study on the issue of depression in the elderly population. This paper specifically looks at institutionalized elderly and the impacts of variables that determine the onset of depression. Further, this paper also considers the issue of mortality and the link to depression, and the application of a holistic nursing model to address depression.

  • Elderly: Depression And Suicide

    8 pages in length. The trend in elderly suicide has fluctuated over the past three decades to reveal a distinct correlation between depression and the desire to take one's life (McKeown et al). No fewer than two million of the more than thirty-five million elderly in America have some form of diagnosed depression; another five million exhibit symptoms too slight to warrant an official diagnosis or go undiagnosed altogether. The mid fifties marks the recognition of depression and the beginning thoughts of suicide particularly in men (Kaplan). As of the year 2000, eighteen percent of suicide deaths reflected those age sixty-five and older; to define this statistic even further, Caucasian men at least eighty-five years old represented the majority of the deaths (Older Adults: Depression and Suicide Facts). Broken down by age groups, 2004 statistics reveal the following number of suicides: 45-54: 16.6%; 55-64: 13.8%; 65-74: 12.9%; 75-84: 16.9%; 85 and over: 16.4% (Health, United States, 2006). Bibliography lists 11 sources.

  • Depression In Elderly Women

    15 pages in length. Depression is an equal opportunity offender that spares no one from its life-stealing symptoms; significantly more than just a blue mood, depression is one of the most prevalent mental health issues plaguing contemporary society. For some, escaping the grips of depression is all but impossible due to its genetic disposition; for others, environmental and/or psychosocial problems lend themselves to the onset and sometimes persistent state of depression. Elderly women are no exception and in fact are a large percentage of those afflicted with depression due to a number of causes associated with health, emotions and loss of independence. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

  • Pain Management for the Elderly

    A 10 page research paper that examines the topic of pain management with elderly patients. While there is general consensus that pain management in elderly populations is being under-treated, the literature on this subject is less clear as to whether the best environment for elderly pain management is provided by home environments or institutional settings, such as nursing homes and hospitals. Examination of the literature on elderly pain management reveals that each environment has its own particular set of problems, which must be overcome in order to solve the problem chronic under-treatment of pain in elderly patients. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Independence Loss and Senior Citizens

    A 10 page research paper that investigates this topic. While safety is a consideration for all patients, it is a particularly intense consideration in regards to when an elderly patient is hospitalized. Elderly patients who have previously been active can resist the loss of their independence and have trouble accepting a new reduced level of activity while hospitalized. Furthermore, an elderly patient may become confused in new surroundings and this may acerbate the tendency to wander or try to maintain their usual degree of independence. This can be inherently dangerous. An elderly patient who attempts to climb out of hospital bed with the bed rails raised can become entrapped and injured. They can fall while trying to get to the bathroom and falls for the elderly can be potentially fatal. This literature review looks at the factors that can impact how elderly patient adjust to a loss of independence. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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