Research Paper On File Management

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  • Information Management

    This 9 page paper is written in 4 parts. The first part looks at information management methods and system, including paper files, databases and management information systems. The second part of the paper considers storage issues, the third part looks at decision making and the last part of the paper outlines the stages to running a meeting. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

  • Background and Analysis of the UNIX OS

    This 10-page paper provides a background and analysis of the UNIX Computer Operating System. Topics discussed include the history of the system and its importance to computing today, as well as shells, kernels, the file system, process management, memory management and input/output functions. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Cost Management to Reduce the Cost of Oxygen Supply for Hospital

    This 71 page paper is a paper regarding a project undertaken to reduce the cost of oxygen supply for a hospital or other healthcare organization. The paper starts with an introduction, including a justification for the study and aims and objectives, and then moves on an in-depth literature review looking at the way in which cost savings may be made. The principle approach to cost reduction is through supply chain and inventory management as well as a reduction in wastage. After identifying a suitable change that may provide savings, different ways in which a change could be introduced are assessed and a suitable change model is identified. The paper then goes on to describe the change, how it was implemented and assesses the results. The bibliography cites 36 sources. This paper is the 2nd paper of a set of 3, the 1st is the research proposal (file name TEoxygensavep.rtf), the 3rd is a reflective learning document (file name TEoxygensaver.rtf).

  • Various Formats of Digital Audio

    A 4 page paper discussing .wav, MP3, MIDI and MOD music-storing formats. Digital music and other audio forms have benefited greatly from the innovations of recent years. After the advent of the Internet, audiophiles formerly started their music downloads before going to bed for the night, for the download time of only a few files would take hours to complete. The legal landscape has greatly changed as well; the involvement of more corporate entities in music and other audio file downloading has resulted in more options being available for today’s users. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • File Access Security Systems of UNIX

    A 10 page paper discussing the file access security systems of Unix. The paper discusses the file permission system, as well as Kerberos and the kernel. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Includes 2 tables and a figure

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