Research Paper On Gold Loan

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  • History of American Currency

    A 5 page paper discussing the development of the current US system of currency and legal tender. In Colonial days, the formal currency was that of Britain and was based on silver. The shortage of silver combined with the need to trade with the native Americans who preferred wampum resulted in wampum being the currency of choice for decades until a New Jersey factory became so efficient in its production that it became hyperinflated. The paper discusses the influences of greenbacks and the role filled by the 1848 California gold rush in directing the US away from bimetallism and toward a gold standard, which eventually was abandoned in the 1930s. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Questions on Exchange Rates

    This 6 page paper answers questions posed by the student. The paper looks at the benefits of using the sport market for currency exchange the role of Eurocurrency and the use of Eurobonds. The paper then considers the impact of interest rates on exchange rates and the ability of companies to predict future exchange rates. The paper ends with an example of how to calculate which loan a company should accept, where there are different interest rates in different countries. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Faith, Good Sportsmanship, and Goodwill Promoted by Jewish Athletes

    A 12 page creative essay and informational paper which examines the efforts of exemplary athletes whose commitment to their faith and to the performance of good deeds have made the world a better place. Athletes discussed are Benny Friedman (football player, coach, and member of the NFL Hall of Fame), Barney Ross (boxer), Hank Greenberg, Sandy Koufax (baseball players and members of the MLB Hall of Fame), Bruce Fleisher (golfer), Paul Tagliabue (NFL Commissioner), Gary Bettman (NHL Commissioner), Tamir Goodman (basketball player), and Gal Fridman (windsurfer and Israel’s first Olympic gold medalist). Bibliography lists 18 sources.

  • Jewish Literature and the Jewish Family's Decline

    A five page discussion of the insights into Jewish families that can be found in Michael Gold's "Jews Without Money" and Tony Kushner's "Angels in America". Both authors are Jewish but both present Jews in a slightly different light than might be expected. Both depict a move away from traditional Jewish morals and mores. No additional sources are listed.

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