Research Paper On Return On Investment

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  • Cost Issues for Gillermo

    This 8 page paper answers questions concerning costs on a fictitious case study provided by the student. The first question looks at is an understanding cost relationships, question discusses a suitable control mechanism, the first question the breakeven point for the options and the last question shows calculations for return on investment, residual earnings and EVA. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

  • Investment Assessment for Caledonia

    This 11 page paper is based on a case supplied by the student, assessing a potential investment. The paper is divided into questions a – k, assessing which types of cash flow or profit are important in the assessment of an investment and presenting calculations for the set up costs, incremental cash flow, net present value and internal rate of return calculations. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Continental and Fintelco Case Study

    This 18 page paper looks at a potential joint venture to be undertaken by two cable companies in Argentina. The potential of the market and the joint venture is assessed; the opportunities and risks are discussed, the cost of the investment is assessed for the potential return with the paper ending by making a recommendation whether or not to go ahead with the investment. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

  • Project Standardization Viability

    Product standardization has a double edge. On the one hand, standardization provides protection to consumers and allows products to be built and configured very quickly. This puts a company’s products on the market within months rather than years, offering a return on investment (ROI) within an extremely short time frame between conceptualization to sales. Any quick ROI today can indicate a successful, viable company because the world is the marketplace, not just a city, town or country, as in the past. On the dark side, standardization promotes a world of copycat industries rather than innovation. That means that what worked thirty years ago has to continue to work now and ten years from now.... 15 References. jvPMBok.rtf

  • Working Capital Management at Federal Express

    A 4 page paper discussing working capital management at Federal Express. Overall, it appears that FedEx deals with its working capital well, but it should not miss out on returns it could gain on the cash it holds. If FedEx truly has no short term investments, it should seek out some useful ones to use for better working capital management. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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