Research Paper On Union Parishad

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  • Union Advantages

    A 7 page paper that explores the increase in union membership in 1997 because of advantages (general and specific) provided by unions to its members. The needs of today's employees in a reorganizing and downsizing corporate environment are attributed to a new growth in union membership. For this reason, unions have realized a reverse of the decline in union membership experienced over the past 15 years. Today, unions are helping workers in industries as varied as aircraft workers to physicians. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Literature Review on US History and Unionism

    This paper examines the literature available about unionism and the United States. In addition, the paper offers brief topics about unions including history of American unions, trends that unions face today, and how management and unions are trying to get along. Bibliography lists 20+ sources.

  • Overview of Trade Unions and Their Functions

    A 5 page overview of the function of trade unions. Utilizing the history of the European Trade Union as an example, the contention is presented that trade union purpose, policies, and government is intimately tied to the occupations represented.

  • Will a Union Presence and Collective Bargaining result in Increase Wages Bills

    This 18 page paper looks at an issue pertinent in the UK. There is little doubt that over the last few decades the power and influence of the unions in the UK has declined. The paper considers the impact that unions have had on business and considers if despite the lower level of power recognizing a union in the work place and adopting collective bargaining will result in a higher wages bill for the employer. The bibliography cites 26 sources.

  • 1990s' Labor Unions

    A 6 page research paper looking at some of the changes in and political activities of the labor movement. Included is the AFL-CIO's aggressive recruiting of new members, downsizing in their own management ranks and a move to an informality of organization historically unknown in labor unions. Unions are experiencing election victories of more than 70% when paid organizers are not used, compared to a win rate of less than 30% when they are. Another boost to the unions is the increasing numbers of members from white-collar professions.

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