Research Paper On Phobias

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  • A Research Proposal on Social Phobia

    This 10 page paper is a research proposal to determine the correlations between self esteem, self-monitoring and social phobia. Social phobia is also called social anxiety. Sections include: abstract; introduction/background, including hypothesis; review of the literature and methodology. Specific social phobia screening and self esteem assessment instruments are discussed. The literature review discusses incidence, symptoms, and treatment interventions. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

  • Therapy and Dental Phobias

    A 7 page discussion of the reasons behind dental phobias and the methodologies for treatment of those phobias. Outlines the sometimes gruesome history of dentistry and the reputation which it has incurred as a result of that history. Discusses early experiences at the dentist office which result in phobias of future visits. Emphasizes that phobias are not a reason to ignore needed dental procedure. Concludes that ignoring the problem is not a guarantee that it will disappear nor is it a guarantee that a relatively easy-to-treat condition will not progress into a potentially life threatening condition, or at the least a very serious condition, if left untreated. Dental phobias are not an excuse for avoiding the dentist office. Instead, they are a reason to seek out appropriate counseling. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Phobias

    A 6 page paper which examines various phobias. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • What Can Be Done About Dental Phobia

    This 7 page paper examines the phenomenon of dental phobia and what can be done about it. Oral hygiene is discussed. The thesis of the paper is that the fact that most dentistry is cosmetic exacerbates the phobia that might otherwise easily be conquered. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Operant and Classical Conditioning and Addiction

    A 5 page paper that explains the basics of classical conditioning and operant conditioning and how each can explain phobias and addictions and extinguishing those behaviors. Bibliography lists 3 sources. PG691933.doc

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