Research Paper On Lifelong Learning

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  • Professional Context of Lifelong Learning

    This 5 page paper provides an overview of the nature of lifelong learning. In considering the value of lifelong learning in a professional context, it is necessary to relate the process of lifelong learning to views of critical thinking and educational design. Further, understanding examples of personal growth and development that extend from learning processes is valuable to the creation of models based in lifelong learning scenarios. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Practice Scope and Nursing Professionalism

    : A 3 page research paper that includes a 1 page introductory business letter to the nursing program manager who requested the research. This report pertains the topic of nursing professionalism and how this is influenced by the scope of practice. The topics covered pertain to nursing professionalism, as evidenced in activity of nursing professional organizations, both in Canada and the US; the Health Professions Act; registration and licensing; and continuing competence through lifelong learning, as evidenced in baccalaureate degree entry-to-practice. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Lifelong Education and Globalization

    9 pages in length. The very essence of globalization is that of change, to relearn stable and familiar ways in order to make room for ever-growing progress. While this concept would appear to reflect beneficial movement for global societies, the relevance to lifelong learning actually represents advancement at the detrimental social, political and economic expense of myriad unsophisticated societies. As such, this dichotomy of progression has rendered globalization a much-contested concept. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Social Learning Theory of Albert Bandura

    A 7 page paper that discusses Albert Bandura's social learning theory and comments on its impact on curriculum design. Bandura believed that learning occurs by observing others. His theory became the bridge between behaviorism and cognitivism. The four components or steps in the theory are explained. Bandura's thoughts on self-regulation are also discussed. The writer also discusses the relationship between social learning theory and lifelong learning goals and reports a program that uses the concepts to reduce physical aggression in children. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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