Research Paper On Sleep Deprivation In College Students

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  • Sleep Impact of Ringing in the Ears

    An 8 page paper discussing the adverse effects on sleep that tinnitus, "ringing in the ears," can have. Specific causes of the condition still are unknown, but years of sleep research have defined many of the problems of chronic sleep deprivation, such as reduced immune system activity and reduction of general well being. More remains unknown about tinnitus than has been discovered, but one fact is inescapable: the adverse effect it has on the ability to sleep is among the most insidious and certainly is the most damaging. Bibliography lists 11 sources. KS-TIN.doc

  • Scholastic Performance and Sleep Deprivation

    A 4 page research paper that examines circadian rhythms and sleep deprivation in regards to the student tradition of "all nighters" in order to cram for tests. The writer argues that research shows this practice to be detrimental to academic performance and explains the scientific facts behind this assessment. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Zinsser's College Pressures

    This 3-page paper, based on Williams Zinsser's essay "College Pressures," compares the college students of today (ala 1979) with those of earlier years.

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