Research Paper On Macroeconomic Issues

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  • Fiscal and Monetary Policy Effectiveness Measured by an IS/LM Model

    This 7 page report discusses the issues surrounding application of the traditional IS/LM model in examining fiscal and or monetary policies. IS/LM has served as the consensus model taught to undergraduates all over the world, the model used by practitioners to analyze the evolution of interest rates and national income, the methodological base for economic forecasting, and even the springboard for macroeconomic research. While certain aspects of its application have come into question in the past decade, it nonetheless serves as a foundation upon which other macroeconomic investigation may be based. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Target, Sears, and Wal Mart Macroeconomic Forecasts

    A 4 page paper discussing forecasts for these companies 2004-2006 in terms of macroeconomic factors. Of course the macroeconomic environment plays a huge role in retailers’ success, but then so do those who establish and then implement policy and goals. Sears and Target are not entirely equal with Wal-Mart in terms of buying power, but they have the necessary management tools that could place them on more equal footing with the retail giant. What management does with the opportunities before it depends less on having ready cash than it does on practicing sound management. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Connection Between Inflation and Unemployment

    This 5 page report discusses the relationship between unemployment and inflation. From a macroeconomic perspective, it is important to note that in the major industrial countries, low unemployment usually creates inflationary pressures. However, throughout the past few years of economic expansion in the United States, prices have held steady despite low unemployment. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Fundamental Theories/Nursing Faculty Shortage

    A 15 page research paper that looks at the nursing faculty shortage and relates this to a literature review which examines scholarly sources that pertain to fundamental theories that affect nursing leadership. While responsible leadership is necessary to the success of any industry, Spinelli stipulates that "Leadership in the healthcare environment today is essential and mandated if our healthcare system is to survive" (Spinelli, 2006, p. 11). The writer examines macroeconomic theory (supply and demand), transformational leadership, servant leadership, situational leadership and role theory. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

  • Consumer Confidence and the Business Cycle

    A 3 page paper discussing the macroeconomic concepts of economic expansion and the role of consumer confidence. The national economy is continuing to register unexpected growth, despite several years of predictions that it must slow sometime. Federal Reserve Board Chairman reports that although the economy is 'sparkling,' there still are some ominous events unfolding. It will be continued consumer confidence that prevents recession despite the effects of the Asian currency crisis and faltering emerging markets abroad. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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