Research Paper On Public Provident Fund

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  • The Onset of the Depression

    An 11 page paper answering 8 questions about the origins of the Great Depression and whether the same events could happen today. Some questions ask for the writer's opinion, and that is reflected consistently in the message that we need less government, not more. The paper recommends that the salvation of Social Security could be that Congress is prevented from skimming off surpluses that should remain in the fund, while simultaneously implementing a different system based on the example of Singapore's Provident Fund in which individuals are required to contribute to accounts that they have responsibility for managing. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Trends in Public Housing in Virginia

    A 9 page paper discussing trends in public housing and their effects on urban problems. With the ongoing reductions in funds available through federal and state governments for use in providing low-income housing, cities increasingly are finding it necessary to turn to the private sector and nonprofit groups to aid in providing affordable housing. In the case of Richmond, the city was able to use public housing funds to upgrade decaying urban infrastructure while turning to private sources to provide actual housing in the area the city upgraded with the funds. The new creativity results in more units being made available for habitation while also contributing to a wider sense of community not possessed by those still adhering to the standard method of requiring full public funding. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • How Money Woes Inflate Grades

    A 3 page paper reviewing a 2001 article by Richard Barndt linking grade inflation with public higher learning institutions' pursuit of public funds. The points that the author addresses he covers well, but he fails to provide a full view of schools' funding sources. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • HIV and AIDS Prevention Program and Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

    Intergovernmental Relations between a Public Program and This 5 page report discusses intergovernmental relations in the context of a public program and its need for interaction with other government entities. The example used is that of a state’s HIV/AIDS prevention program. The program was designed to educate the general population and target unique populations with meaningful and culturally appropriate HIV/AIDS prevention information. It receives funding and support from the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, the State Legislature, and private funding sources. Bibliography lists 6 sources and includes an annotated bibliography.

  • Public School Funding

    A 4 page explanation of the manner in which our public schools are funded. The contention is presented that while funding is important, statistics regarding educational outcome demonstrate that funding is not the only factor determining success or failure. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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