Research Paper On Human Rights

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  • Basic Human Rights Undermined by the Human Rights Act of 1998's Margin of Appreciation

    This 14 page paper considers how the margin of appreciation allowed by the European Court of Human Rights is so great that it undermines the concept of a universal standard of human rights. This is considered by looking at articles 8 and 10 of the Human Rights Act which cover the right to privacy and the right to expression. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

  • Issue of Human Rights

    This 6 page paper considers the issue of human rights. The paper starts by looking at what is meant by human rights and the foundations of the modern concept in the seventeenth century with Locke. The origins of current law are then explained and the way it is implemented in the UK is outlined with the paper ending with information about the human rights violations seen in Northern Ireland. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Improving Human Rights and International Efforts

    7 pages. There are many watchdog groups throughout the world that have been organized to protect and improve human rights. Have these been effective? This paper addresses that question and discusses such things as Amnesty International, the African Charter, the Human Rights Committee, The UN Commission on Human Rights and others. Their roles and whether they are effective are considered and analyzed. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

  • The Status of Human Rights in Brazil

    This paper examines the status of human rights in Brazil since passage of a special human rights act by the Cordosa government in 1996. The report is not very encouraging, although some reforms have been passed, human rights violations are still vast. Bibliography lists 6 sources

  • The Protection of Human Rights in the UK

    This 10 page paper considers the existence and protection given to human rights through international conventions back up by legislation. Considering the position in the UK the paper discusses the existence of human rights protection, where there are abuses and who or what is to blame given the proliferation of international agreements. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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