Research Paper On Quality Management System

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  • Motorola and Quality Management

    This 18 page paper looks at the way that quality management takes place at Motorola. The paper starts by considering the systems which are utilized by Motorola, including 6 Sigma, then looks at the way that quality management is implemented including objective setting, the benefits of implementing quality management and the differences between theory and practice, and then discusses a number of relevant concepts, including Juran’s trilogy, quality tools which are utilized by Motorola and then looks at the way that barriers may have been present and overcome when introducing, and maintaining quality management initiatives. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

  • Managing Quality and Risk Management in a Mental Health Environment

    This 12 page paper looks at the concept and use of quality management in healthcare with particular attention to a mental healthcare facility. The concepts and meaning of quality care are discussed, along with the way it is implemented, Internal and external influences are considered and some recommendations are made for improving quality management in a mental healthcare facility. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

  • TQM Principles

    This 17 page paper discusses Total Quality Management (TQM) and emphasizes the fact that this is not a quick-fix but a continuous long-term process towards improving the quality of product and production. Following a definition and brief explanation of Total Quality Management, the principles of this approach are outlined. This includes the 14 principles as proposed by Deming. The reasons Total Quality Management efforts often fail are discussed and Deming's Seven Deadly Diseases are outlined.. This is followed by an actual example from a researcher. Other measures of quality can be used in conjunction with Total Quality Management. The writer discusses how the ISO 9000 series certification is related to implementing Total Quality Management. The final part of the paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of small companies in comparison to large companies attempting to implement Total Quality Management. Includes 1 page Table of Contents and Abstract. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

  • The Management of the BP Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Crisis

    This 15 page paper at the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill which occurred in April 2010, examining the event from a quality management perspective, identifying the problems in terms of quality management before and during the disaster and then discussing the way in which quality management could be improved at the company. The bibliography cites 13 sources.

  • Task Management and Quality

    This 8 page paper considers how and why quality task management is important, The paper begins with a definition of quality and of task management and gives examples of the costs which may be associated with poor task management, as seen with Perrier. The way in which task management is seen as important in the commercial in demonstrated with reference to tools such as ISO 9000 and the paper also looks at how the companies with good task management may be seen as more successful in meeting their goals. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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