Research Paper On Fair Trade

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  • Fair Trade In The United Kingdom

    This 8 page paper begins a short explanation of what Fair Trade means and the purpose of Fair Trade. The essay discusses Fair Trade as it applies to the United Kingdom, including data and statistics and consumers' perceptions of this type of product. The essay identifies some of the stores that strongly support Fair Trade and how they do so. Statistical data included. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Fair Trade

    A 4 page memo discussing fair trade as it relates to the international coffee industry. The concept of fair trade relative to subsistence farmers in developing countries ensures that small farmers receive sustainable prices for their goods while also encouraging sustainability in production. The memo recommends that a local coffee company commit to making a portion of its coffee sourced in fair trade. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Can The Coffee Trade be Fair on Farmers?

    Coffee is a popular drink, with the industry worth billions of dollars. The trade relies on exports from developing nations. The trade is characteristics by inequality. The writer looks at the trade and the way in which fair trade concepts have been applied to determine if the trade can ever be fair. Thirteen pages are cited in this six page paper.

  • Fair Trade Goods and Consumer Purchases Patterns

    In recent years there has been an increased demand for fair trade goods. The writer looks at why this trend may be taking place the way it is seen in marketing practices, how it is emerging in marketing trends and the constraints in the concept of fair trade in the mass market. Fourteen sources are cited in the bibliography of this seven page paper.

  • Why has Fair Trade Chocolate Failed to Become a Top Selling Chocolate Bar; A Research Proposal

    This 14 page paper is a research proposal for assessing why a fair trade brand of chocolate does not outsell a well known brand of chocolate that is not fair trade certified. The paper starts with an introduction, aims and objectives and gives a justification for the subject. A literature review of relevant concepts is then followed by the outlining of a methodology and a timetable of undertaking the research. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

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