Research Paper On Bluetooth Hotspot

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  • Bluetooth Technology

    This 6 page paper discusses Bluetooth technology in detail, but at a layman's level. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • What is Bluetooth Technology

    This 2.5-paper focuses on Bluetooth technology, a radio frequency based communications standard and technology that is being hailed as a great cost saver (as it replace cable connection lines). The paper discusses the history of Bluetooth, as well as the interesting name. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Security and Wireless Technologies

    A 9 page paper that begins by identifying some of the many benefits of wireless technologies, including the fact that research studies reveal a substantial increase in worker productivity. Security concerns are discussed along with an explanation of the standards intended to reduce risks, such as Bluetooth and 802.11b standards. Hot spots are defined and discussed, including the fact that their numbers are growing exponentially. The essay ends with a discussion of the use of wireless technologies in hospitals and the concerns about installing them. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • American Dream Vacation in the Hawaiian Islands

    In 10 pages, the author discusses the island nation of Hawaii as an American scene. By describing Hawaii’s exotic landscape, which is unlike anything on the mainland, by pinpointing when Hawaii became framed as a hotspot for vacationers and thus an icon as America's exotic playground, by showing that the Pacific coastal culture is diffusing into mainstream America through media/fashion to bring a bit of Hawaii's Aloha spirit to everyone, by showing how the American Dream Vacation is packaged today, as well as by showing the pros and cons of the Hawaiian tourist industry on the land and people of an American Scene, the author proves that Hawaii is an American landscape that has been transformed over the years into an icon of America’s exotic playground and packaged as an American Dream Vacation. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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