Gathering Research Data Paper On Police Officers

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  • Job Stress and Suicides Among Law Enforcement Officerside

    In 8 pages, the author discusses the suicide of police officers. One must ask why police officers take their own lives. Stress would have to be the number one answer to this question. Stress and depression cause officers to take their own lives. A police officer's job is one of the most stressful occupations available. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Law Enforcement and the Impact of Stress

    In 5 pages, the author discusses the effects of stress on police officers including alcoholism, domestic violence, suicide and death during duty. Bibliography includes 7 sources.

  • Managing Stress in the Critical Incident

    7 pages. Critical incident stress management is very important to have for debriefing or diffusing purposes as a resource for first line responders to any disaster. Those firefighters, police officers and other disaster relief workers undergo untold amounts of stress and while they might not at first think so, the early intervention of stress related health problems could be averted with critical incident stress management. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Higher Education For Police Officers

    6 pages in length. The psychology of crime requires significantly more than law enforcement officers brandishing loaded weapons at and physically apprehending offenders. Indeed, the extent to which contemporary police forces must also incorporate some level of psychological interface with the perpetrator is both grand and far-reaching; that obtaining a degree of higher education in order to better understand the criminal mind while in the field speaks to a much greater scope of law enforcement than many people realize exists in today's criminal justice system. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Law Enforcement, Morality, and Ethics

    A 15 page research paper that investigates the moral and ethical conduct of law enforcement officers. The writer differentiates between "moral" and "ethical" behavior on the part of these agents and discusses the ramifications of police behavior. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

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