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    • Hepatitis C Report Study Design

      This essay reports the methodology section of a research study that investigated the correlation between diabetes 2 and hepatitis C. Topics include rationale, design, measures, variables, and participants. There are is one source used in this three page paper. ... MORE

    • Learning as Adults

      This essay begins with a statement about what the writer expects to learn in the adult education program and whether the writer should just learn about learning styles or take the entire master's program and why. The essay cites some experts and what they said about adult learning. There are five sources used in this four page paper. ... MORE

    • A Case Study of Childhood Sexual Abuse

      In a paper of 6 pages, the author reflects on the issues that extend from sexual abuse in childhood. The author considers the specific outcomes that occur as a result of child sexual abuse, including depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance abuse. Bibliography lists 7 sources. ... MORE

    • DNA Fingerprinting

      This paper points out the degree to which the criminal justice system currently relies on DNA profiling. There are seven sources in this eight page paper. ... MORE

    • Whole Foods, Protein

      This research paper offers an overview of whole foods versus processed foods that presents the advantages of whole foods. There is a special focus on the subject of protein. Five pages in length, seven sources are cited. ... MORE

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