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    • Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Children/Biomarker Evidence

      This paper offers bulleted items of information pertaining to tobacco smoke exposure in children as indicated by biomarkers. Three pages in length, three sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Research Proposal to Increase Knowledge of Online Purchasing Processes

      Before buying a product or a service online consumers traverse a number of processes, identifying potential products or services, and potential suppliers. This 21 slide presentation is a proposal for research to increase knowledge regarding the way consumers develop preferences. The proposal is for the research to be undertaken using online hotel booking. The slides are provided with speaker notes. Five sources are cited in the bibliography of this seventeen page paper. ... MORE

    • The Need for Laws to Protect the Obese

      There is no specific law that clearly identifies obesity as a protected class of people under anti-discrimination laws. Like age discrimination, we need a weight discrimination law. The reasons are because obesity has so many diverse causes, more and more research suggests that it is a medical problem and not the fault of the obese person. The paper discuses laws, employment conditions, and provide an example of a successful politician who is obese. There are six sources used in this ten page paper. ... MORE

    • Credit Card Fraud and Safeguards

      This 8 page paper gives an example of a paper on credit card fraud. This paper includes issues such as types of fraud, safeguards, and a synopsis. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ... MORE

    • How is Strategy Impacted by Institutional Factors?

      Institutional factors have a significant impact on firms. This paper considers the way that different institutional factors will influence the way strategies are, or should, be determined by firm that are in under developed and emergent economies. The type of institutional factors which may be present are identified, and then discussed in the context of strategy decision making. Twenty five sources are cited in the bibliography of this sixteen page paper. ... MORE

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