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    • Nursing Theory and Self-Care

      This 5 page research paper considers nursing actions that aid heart failure patients in regards to self-care management is a crucial issue. A grand, middle-range and borrowed nursing theory are described and then the writer focuses specifically on the middle-range and how it pertains to the planned research. Bibliography lists 6 sources. ... MORE

    • Nutritional Assessment

      This 3 page research paper presents a nutritional assessment based a case study scenario. The assessment discusses the client's BMI, lab values, ways that her diet can be improved and the goals established by the counselor. Bibliography lists 5 sources. ... MORE

    • Case Study Nurse Director And Budget

      A 4 page paper that discusses a case study entitled "It's that time of year again!" Five questions are answered, the first one being a reaction to a citation from Lichtenstein et al. The other four questions relate directly to the case study, which is about a nurse director who must present a new budget after her unit has experienced dramatic structural changes. The writer discusses how the director should present the budget, what data to use, if any, her use of an Interprofessional team, and a brief explanation of HEDIS. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ... MORE

    • Amelie and French Ethnocentrism

      This 3 page essay discusses the film Amelie (2001) from the perspective of ethnocentrism and what the film conveys about French cultural assumptions and ethnocentrism. Bibliography lists 2 sources. ... MORE

    • Sallie Mae, Home Visit

      This 3 page research paper/essay discusses a home visit with Sallie Mae Fisher, an 82-year-old woman with congestive heart failure (CHF), atrial fibrillation, and hypertension. Nursing interventions are discussed and the paper closes with a script between the nurse and Sallie. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ... MORE

  • Recent Papers

    • Counseling and Confidentiality Literature Review

      This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of counseling and confidentiality. A literature review reveals common thinking on the subject. Bibliography lists 5 sources. ... MORE

    • Mentor Program Review

      This 3 page paper presets a review of a nursing program introduced to reduce the number of fall suffered by elderly patients under the care if a home nursing agency. The paper is written in the style of a mentor review looking at the work undertaken to create develop and deliver the program. ... MORE

    • Change During Crisis for Firms Near Bankrupcy - A Literature Review on Issues Associated with Change

      This 12 page paper is a literature review examining research that has already taken place relevant for a firm that need to undertake change due to a financial crisis. The paper reviews literature looking content of the change as well as the processes. The bibliography cites 20 sources. ... MORE

    • JetBlue Case Study

      This 6 page paper looks at a case study provided by the student. The paper starts with an overview, examines the drivers in the airline industry, and then considers the key success factors. The way in which functional strategies at jet blue are aligned with key success factors is then assessed, the paper into some recommendations. The paper also includes a number of calculations for the financial year 2003 to 2007, including different types of operating expense as a percentage of revenue, as well as the operating a net profit margins. ... MORE

    • Pursuing a Masters in Nursing Education

      In a paper of four pages, the author writes about studying to get a masters degree in nursing education. The author explains how a nurse may use their experience and knowledge to help benefit potential nursing students. There are four sources cited in this paper. ... MORE

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