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    • Position Paper Cock and Bull

      This 5 page paper gives an example of a position paper on the story Cock and Bull by Will Self. This paper includes how the ending of the story was meant to mess with the reader's mind. Bibliography lists 1 source. ... MORE

    • Ultrasound Technology in Pregnancy

      In a paper of three pages, the author reflects on existing research on the use of ultrasounds during pregnancy. The author provides an overview of studies that show that there are few benefits from the use of ultrasounds at every visit, but there are two times during a pregnancy when this technology has considerable value. Bibliography lists four sources. ... MORE

    • Disrespect and Language The Appropriation of Native American Language and Culture

      This paper asks whether we have bastardized Native American language by appropriating it in sports and mass marketing. There are three sources in this four page paper. ... MORE

    • Office Supply Stores

      Discount stores and e-commerce stores have created major challenges for specialty types of stores, like Office Depot, the second largest office supplies and services company in the company. They were once the largest in North America. This paper focuses on Office Depot's business strategies with examples. It comments on the acquisition of Office Max in 2013 and now, Staple's acquisition of Office Depot. There are six sources used in this four page paper. ... MORE

    • Values and Aspects of Palliative Care

      In a paper of three pages, the author reflects upon the values of community, respect and integrity as they influence the decisions in palliative care. This author recognized the importance of evaluating the psychological, social, and cultural aspects of nursing care as a component of this process. There are two sources cited. ... MORE

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