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    • Nursing Theory and Self-Care

      This 5 page research paper considers nursing actions that aid heart failure patients in regards to self-care management is a crucial issue. A grand, middle-range and borrowed nursing theory are described and then the writer focuses specifically on the middle-range and how it pertains to the planned research. Bibliography lists 6 sources. ... MORE

    • Nutritional Assessment

      This 3 page research paper presents a nutritional assessment based a case study scenario. The assessment discusses the client's BMI, lab values, ways that her diet can be improved and the goals established by the counselor. Bibliography lists 5 sources. ... MORE

    • Case Study Nurse Director And Budget

      A 4 page paper that discusses a case study entitled "It's that time of year again!" Five questions are answered, the first one being a reaction to a citation from Lichtenstein et al. The other four questions relate directly to the case study, which is about a nurse director who must present a new budget after her unit has experienced dramatic structural changes. The writer discusses how the director should present the budget, what data to use, if any, her use of an Interprofessional team, and a brief explanation of HEDIS. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ... MORE

    • Amelie and French Ethnocentrism

      This 3 page essay discusses the film Amelie (2001) from the perspective of ethnocentrism and what the film conveys about French cultural assumptions and ethnocentrism. Bibliography lists 2 sources. ... MORE

    • Sallie Mae, Home Visit

      This 3 page research paper/essay discusses a home visit with Sallie Mae Fisher, an 82-year-old woman with congestive heart failure (CHF), atrial fibrillation, and hypertension. Nursing interventions are discussed and the paper closes with a script between the nurse and Sallie. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ... MORE

  • Recent Papers

    • The Case Of Joseph Westbecker

      A 5 page paper with four sections. The information for this case study was provided by the student. The paper provides an overview of the case, the symptoms, the genetic, biological, cognitive, and behavioral components, and three treatment options. No Bibliography. ... MORE

    • Transportation Improvement Plan

      This 18 page paper discusses Wal-Mart’s supply chain management processes. It begins by explaining what a supply chain is, the typical components of it, demographics related to Wal-Mart such as employees, stores, etc., strategic goals and plans, components in any supply chain, Wal-Mart’s method for supply chain management, including transportation, steps in their management process, transportation initiatives, strengths and weaknesses, metrics, and recommendations. A three-page outline is included in the page count. Bibliography lists 13 sources. ... MORE

    • Nursing Informatics Pioneers

      This 3 page paper describes nursing informatics pioneers Dr. Patricia Abbott and Dr. Beverly L. Chang. Bibliography lists 5 sources. ... MORE

    • Alfred Adler Rollo May Victor Frankl

      : An 8 page paper. Alfred Adler is referred to as the grandfather of humanistic psychology. Many of his terms, such as inferiority complex have become part of everyday language. Both Rollo May and Victor Frankl were existentialists. These three theorists are discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. ... MORE

    • Architectural Design and Psychology

      This is a 4 page paper that provides an overview of psychology and architecture. Discussion questions highlight the role of commercial and residential design in psychology. Bibliography lists 2 sources. ... MORE

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