Research Paper On Universal Health Care System

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  • Universal Health Care

    A 3 page paper that begins with facts about the number of Americans with no health care insurance and the number who die unnecessarily because of it. The essay explains what universal health care means, the advantages of having such a system and the disadvantages. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Should the US Adopt a Universal Healthcare System?

    This 5 page paper is an argumentative paper on the topic of whether or not the United States should adopt universal healthcare system similar to those found in countries such as Canada, New Zealand and the UK. The paper looks at the arguments for and against the adoption of universal healthcare system including issues such as cost and quality of care, and finishes with a conclusion in favor of universal healthcare. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

  • U.S. Health Care System

    A 3 page research paper that discusses the American system. According to an online dictionary,, a "health care system" is defined as a "Complex of facilities, organizations, and trained personnel engaged in providing health care within a geographical area." If one considers only this extremely broad definition of a "health care system," then, yes, the manner in which health care is delivered in the U.S. is a "system." However, there are scholars who express an evaluation of the way that health care delivery functions in the US that is so negative that one can also easily make the argument that the delivery of health care in America is too dysfunctional to be considered to be a "system," as the term "system" implies organization and comprehensive service. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Iceland and Health Care Delivery

    A 6 page paper comparing the health care systems of Iceland and the United States, where Icelandic medical students generally go to complete their residency requirements. Both systems are facing intense economic pressures, but Iceland’s national system does not prevent any citizen from gaining access to health care as is the case in the US. The health care system of Iceland holds a lesson from which the systems of all developed nations could benefit well. It would be desirable for those completing their residencies in the US to serve as ambassadors of a health care system that can have economic pressures and still be caring and committed to the ideals undergirding it. The paper also relates the mission of Saint Leo University to Iceland’s national health care system. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • 21st Century Nursing

    This 18 page paper first provides a section on changes in the health care industry, with a focus on the health care delivery system. Various laws are examined, such as COBRA, ERISA and the Social Security Act. The second half of the paper consists of an examination of the nursing profession and how it will likely change in light of trends in the health care industry. The role of the nurse is seen in relation to education, changes in technology and the advent of managed care. Bibliography lists 21 sources.

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