Research Paper On The Tell Tale Heart

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  • Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart

    A 5 page tutorial analysis of Edgar Allen Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart. No additional sources cited.

  • Edgar Allan Poe, Suicidal Tendencies, and ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’

    In ten pages this paper considers the life of author Edgar Allan Poe, how his works were influenced by his depression and suicidal tendencies, and how suicidal tendencies manifest themselves in his famous short story, ‘The Tell-Tale Heart.’ Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Analysis: "The Tell Tale Heart"

    This 4 page paper examines Edgar Allan Poe's classic story "The Tell Tale Heart." It argues that the narrator is in the grip of obsession that leads him to kill. It also argues that the same can be said of Willard in the film "Apocalypse Now." Bibliography lists 1 source.

  • An Address of Four Specific Questions in Literature

    A 9 page research paper that addresses 4 questions on literature. The writer addresses point of view in Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"; setting in Chopin's "The Storm"; critical writing (analysis) on Jackson's "The Lottery"; and tone/style in Tan's "A Pair of Tickets." No additional sources cited.

  • Edgar Allan Poe's Writing Style Revealed in His Short Stories and Poetry

    In 5 pages, the author discusses how Edgar Allen Poe's poetry and short stories follow his own advice on how to construct a poem or a short story. Three poems and three short stories have been chosen as an example of this point. The poems that are used as evidence of Poe's unique quality and style, which are proof of his own advice, are 'The Raven,' 'The Bells,' and 'The Haunted Palace.' The short stories that are used as evidence of Poe's unique quality and style, which are also proof of his own advice, are 'Berenice,' 'The Tell Tale Heart,' and 'The Black Cat.' Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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