Research Paper On Small Business Failure

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  • Reasons for Small Business Failure

    An 18 page paper discussing reasons that otherwise sound small businesses do not succeed. There is disagreement over what percentages of new businesses fail in the first five years-estimates range between 40 and 80 percent. Even at the low range, the failure rate is high, and evaluation of failures shows common traits that have led to those failures. Failure has far less to do with market conditions or the capabilities of the entrepreneur than it does with inadequate planning and forecasting. Small business 'experts' as well as the SBA stress that planning and forecasting should be done before the doors open for the first day of business so that the entrepreneur knows what to expect and when to expect it, as well as plan for its arrival. Adequate planning cannot prevent business failure, but it certainly can prevent the failure of businesses that otherwise deserve to succeed. Bibliography lists 11ources.

  • Internal Accountants and Small Business

    A 12 page literature review examining the value of accountants to the small business. The literature review is for use in a study of small businesses in which they will be surveyed regarding the sources of the accounting expertise they use, for the purpose of relating accounting presence and business failure. The original purpose of this literature review was to locate and discuss articles focusing on small businesses’ use and employment of accounting personnel in support of an upcoming study of that relationship and its effect on the course of development of the small enterprise. No such specific information appears to be available, however, a surprising discovery in light of the critical nature of efficient and optimal operation of business of any size. Despite the dearth of information directly related to the proposed hypotheses for the study, the information that does exist points to the need for the proposed study. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

  • Acquisition of ISO is a Smart Global Market Strategy

    A 15 page paper that argues that the most effective sales strategy that a small business can adopt in the new globalized market is conformity to the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization and the acquisition of ISO registration. Discussed are the changes that have occurred in the worldwide market over the past decade, the new opportunity these changes present to small business owners, and the benefits ISO registration offers small businesses in this new market. Bibliography lists 10 sources. LCISOAcq.doc

  • Small Business And Entrepreneurship: Values, Ethics And Social Responsibility

    4 pages in length. To understand the broad scope of challenges that face small business owners is to realize the fundamental components associated with entrepreneurship. Indeed, the extent to which such industrialists must abide by certain standards of operation in order to be successful is both grand and far-reaching; that small business preparation and performance represent a mixture of concepts and real world issues speaks to the way in which owners incorporate various tenets that work best for their specific small businesses. However, there is one area Joyner (2002) discusses whereby all small business must comply if the owner expects it to thrive: values, ethics and social responsibility. No additional sources cited.

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