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  • Benzilic Acid Multi Step Synthetic Process

    This 6 page laboratory study considers the multi-step synthesis process in the creation of benzilic acid. The project proposes the use of benzaldehyde and potassium cyanide and the focus on the varied steps in order to synthesize benzilic acid. This study reviews the procedures, outlines the findings relative to this process, and produces some data regarding the process in order to show the impacts of each step in the process. The multi-step synthesis approach and the use of specific agents are central to the views created in this study. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Global and Multi-Country Strategies

    This 4 page paper looks at three different products; a personal computer, a washing machine and an online MBA degree and discusses whether a multi-national company should adopt a global or a multi-country strategy for each of these products. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

  • Complexities of IAS

    This 14 page report discusses international accounting standards and the complexity of financial accounting in terms of multi-national corporations, the global market place. Modern accounting practice can be looked at as a multi-layered system of assumptions, doctrines, formulas, formalities, and much more. Accounting and auditing standards have historically been set by national bodies such as FASB and specialized regulatory agencies in countries all over the world. Each country virtually has its own set of standards. Now, the developing global economy and growth in cross-border financing are creating an environment that would benefit from greater harmonization of accounting standards at both the international and the national levels. Paper includes a one-page executive summary. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Global Finance and the Implications of the Euro Currency

    This 12 page report discusses the introduction of the Europe’s new Euro and its implications for the world’s financial systems. Although the Euro is undoubtedly changing the world market, for companies and investors in the United States the greatest impact will be more gradual and have its greatest impact in the future. Corporate hedging, impacts on multi-national companies, expansion and debt financing are also discussed. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

  • Fascism and Individualism

    This 5 page report discusses the continuities between democratic and “counter-democratic” political codes and points out the fact that it is useful to rely on a multi-faceted comparison of fascism, communism, and socialism with those of liberal-democratic civil society. It is also extremely valuable to explore their relationships and commonalities in an analytical and objective fashion rather than politically reflexive response. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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