Free Research Papers On Statistics

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  • National Statistics And Local Decisions

    A 3 page paper that begins by briefly explaining what statistics is and the purpose of statistics. The essay discusses how easily it is to misuse statistics, using the example of national teacher salary averages. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • The Importance of Statistics to the Insurance Industry

    This 5 page paper looks at how statistics are used in the insurance industry, looking at the type of statistics that are used for different insurance policy types and how the statistics are used as well as why accurate interpretation is important. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

  • Statistics in Business Decision

    This 4 page paper looks at the way uncertainty can be dealt with in business by using statistics and probability. The paper presents as example of a shop that needs to determine how much stock to purchase where there are different influences that can be measured with statistics and probability. The bibliography cites 1 source.

  • The Use of Statistical Analysis

    This 3 page paper provides a response to the following statement and questions: Statistics in psychology are more than numbers because we must ask ourselves, why the individual chose that answer. Hidden factors such as pride, abuse, and self-esteem all affect the answer thereby affecting the scores. On that ground, are statistics in psychology credible? Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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