Research Paper On Justin Bieber

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  • Homosexuality in the Male From a Clinical Perspective

    This 5 page report discusses the 14th chapter titled “Clinical Aspects of Male Homosexuality” by psychoanalyst Irving Bieber who studied homosexuality and taken from the text “The View of the Clinician.” The report then compares Bieber’s approach to that of Sigmund Freud and the ways in which Freud’s ideas were transmuted into those of analysts such as Bieber. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Writings of 5 Founding Fathers of Early Christian Theology

    A 7 page essay that addresses the writing of five of the founding fathers of the early Christian faith. The documents addressed are The Didache, Justin's First Apology, and Irenaeus' Against Heresy, as well as some of the writing of Tertullian and Cyprian. No additional souses cited.

  • A History Of Holy Communion

    A 20 page paper that begins with a quotation from Justin Martyr. Worship in the early church illustrates how it was decided to administer the Eucharist on 'Sunday.' The history of the Eucharist from the 1st century. The writer comments on the theology of transubstantiation, a controversial topic and includes Scripture used by the Catholic Church as support for this belief. Different documents from the Holy See are reported illustrating the changes in the beliefs and practice of administering the Eucharist. Another issue discussed is the practice of the early church including infants and children in the Lord's Supper. Finally, the writer discusses Lay Eucharistic Ministers. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

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