Research Paper On Impact Investing

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  • Real Estate Investment

    This 3 page paper uses the book called Investing in Real Estate as a springboard for discussion. The paper supports the idea that investing in real estate is good but also points out pitfalls. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Stock Brokerage in America and Economics

    This 10 page report discusses the stock brokerage industry and its impact on the economics of the United States. The largest amount of securities of the time traded in the secondary markets fit into one or the other of two categories: bonds or stocks. As investors become better educated and more confident in their own analyses of the extensive information that surrounds them on a daily basis -- newspapers, newsletters, magazines, brokerage-house mailings, the Internet, and television -- and as the steady improvement in markets confirms belief in the value of sensible investing, investors realize that they have become far less dependent on the advice of full-service brokers. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

  • The Marketing of Neptune's Gold Seafood

    This 11 page paper is a marketing case study based in a case supplied by the student. Neptune Gourmet Seafood is a premium brand is seafood, selling at a good premium on the market. The company have invested and have increased supply beyond their premium market demand. The suggestion has been to start a lower priced mass market product but concerns exist for the impact this could have on the company’s existing brand and how it may devalue it directly or indirectly. The paper looks at the theory and the practice to consider how Neptune should respond and suggests a marketing strategy. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

  • Private Investment in Rural America

    A 3 page exploration of the factors that typically discourage private investment in rural areas. With very few exceptions, monies are invested with the express purpose of returning a profit. In comparison with rural areas, metropolitan areas have more of the people and the infrastructure that is needed to accomplish that purpose. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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