Research Paper On Image Enhancement Techniques

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  • Digital Techniques for the Compression of Images

    This 15 page report discusses the fact that, currently, JPEG is still the most common way of storing and exchanging still-photograph image information. However, fractal compression, wavelets, progressive decompression, bandwidth availability, are considerations, as is the ultimate application of the various image compression tools. The best compression techniques all lessen overall storage density and transmission bandwidth for still and video images, both within a system and between systems. Therefore, new solutions are being (and have been) actively sought. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Effective Advertising and Digital Manipulation

    This is a 5 page paper discussing the use of digital manipulation and its perception and effectiveness in advertising. Historically, images produced by photographers and appearing in public print or advertising were taken largely by the public as true unaltered images. This being said, society today is well aware that digital technology allows for images to be altered rather easily. Nevertheless, the public still believes that many of the images it views are still basically true in their depictions. This perception of the truth becomes distorted especially in the world of advertising when advertisers now have the opportunity to make their products look “better than the reality”. While it has been a given that many of the models pictured in magazines have undergone make-up sessions, what many people don’t realize is that many of the same photographs of the models have been digitally altered to make the models not only appear to be beautiful but they become, through digital enhancement, perfect. The image of perfection can be obtained digitally of course and it is this perception of perfection which advertisers are now able to easily sell to the public. Image perfection is not the only realm used by advertisers and news magazines to sell their products. Digital manipulation also allows advertisers to promote their products using advanced technological overlays which does not intend to deceive the public but can appeal to many different levels and ages in today’s society. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Papers in the Workplace

    A 10 page paper examining whether we are truly on our way to a workable yet paperless office. The paper examines the psychological pull of paper; the contributions of the photocopier and fax machine to increased paper usage; and ends in a discussion of scanned documents. There is no question that imaging techniques of today can serve to reduce the amount of paper used in any office if organizations use sufficient forethought in their system designs, but we still have not arrived at the place that imaging can significantly affect the revenues of the paper producers. Managing "image overload" of scanned documents threatens to become as important now as hard copy document storage has been in the past and remains today. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

  • Medical Imaging and Neural Networking

    A 5 page assertion that networking is opening vast avenues for increased efficiency and accuracy in the analysis of medical imaging. Traditional methods of data analysis in such applications and medicine relied solely on the visual inspection of that data by experts. Neural networking complements this inspection with detailed computer analysis utilizing complex computer algorithms. The technique has proven invaluable in a number of diverse medical arenas. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

  • Building Image, Brand Awareness, and Textron

    This paper focuses on the image-building and brand awareness techniques used by Textron, Inc. and Textron, Financial. While Textron does not market itself in the "conventional" way, through various acquisitions and other methods, it has maintained a strong brand identity in the many markets this company services. Bibliograpy lists 5 sources.

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