Research Paper On Feminism In Literature

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  • The Evolution Of Women - Feminism

    This 11 page paper presents a history of women's rights/feminist movements, including a report about where the term 'feminism' came from. The writer reports on the different types of feminism, including religious feminism. The paper also comments on the men's groups that emerged from feminism. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • Why Are Female Stereotypes in Advertising Still Effective?

    This 52 page paper is a research paper looking at the way that feminism has failed to make an impact in advertising, where there continues to be the highly successful use of female gender stereotypes in advertisements. The paper presents an in-depth literature review and then simulates research results. The research results are then analyzed and findings presented. The bibliography cites 54 sources.

  • Literature Review on Peasantry

    This 20 page paper reviews literature on the subject of peasantry. Classical materials are presented and while classic authors and theories are discussed, postmodernism and feminism is also included. Bibliography lists 30 sources.

  • Constructing Knowledge and Feminist Theory

    8 pages in length. Lorraine Code's 'What Can She Know?' is a celebration of gender, with particular emphasis upon issues of feminism and patriarchal control. Indeed, Code portrays the perpetuation of feminism; not only are her writings a solid reflection of her sentiments of a lacking Anglo-American epistemology but so is the manner in which she reflects the female reawakening. Code displays her craft well and does not hesitate to apply her talent as more of a social statement than one of mere entertainment. Thus is the case with her ongoing assertion that there was truly no separation of the sexes in reality, short of the obvious physical differences; rather, her perpetual argument clearly makes the point that the female gender -- no matter how seemingly fragile and delicate -- is indeed just as much an emotionally strong and self-reliant individual as her socially-accepted male counterpart. The writer discusses Code's book as it relates to feminism and patriarchy. No additional sources cited.

  • Medieval Theology in Dulcitius

    An 8 page research paper/essay on this medieval play. From a modern perspective, medieval drama is interpreted by the average person as being incredibly sexist and somewhat perverse in its intense focus on tortures that Christian martyrs, who are usually beautiful maidens, undergo for their faith. In her analysis of the plays of Hrotsvit, Colleen D. Richmond, assistant professor of writing and literature at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, argues that Hrotsvit's intentions are to help women redefine themselves and find empowerment within the framework of Christianity that allows them to subvert the domination of patriarchy. In other words, when viewed from a scholarly perspective, "Dulcitius," as well as the rest of Hrotsvit's plays, can be perceived in terms of constituting both social protest and medieval feminism. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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