Research Paper On Effective Communication In The Workplace

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  • Communication and Resolution in Interpersonal Conflicts

    In 6 pages, the author discusses interpersonal conflict resolution and communication. Whether it is between husband and wife, co-workers, or even criminals and their victims, interpersonal conflict resolution is vital for effective communication, and effective communication is vital for interpersonal conflict resolution. The two are juxtaposed. Without effective communication, interpersonal conflict resolution cannot occur. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Business Communication—A Technology Based Approach by William P. Galle Jr. and Beverly H. Nelson

    This series of 5 three-page reports (15 pages total) discusses 1996 McGraw-Hill textbook entitled “Business Communication: A Technology-Based Approach.” Various aspects of business communication are discussed such as the audiences involved in business communication, the most appropriate and most effective approaches in both positive and negative communication, presenting a research or program proposal, writing an appropriate report, and making an effective oral presentation are also discussed. No secondary sources.

  • Employee Behavior and the Effects of Management Accounting

    5 pages in length. The fast and frequent changes that continue to occur throughout the workplace has caused some positions to be eliminated while others assume even more responsibility. In the case of management accounting and how it impacts employee behavior, the student will want to discuss this ever-changing environment as it relates to improving company productivity and efficiency, the need for effective leadership during such changes, as well as address the critical importance of managerial communication within the organization. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Oral Business Communication Research Study Proposal

    A 13 page communication research proposal. The problem is that what constitutes effective oral communication is not always well defined, at least in practice. This provides the foundation for the significance of the study and for the objectives of determining what types of approaches are most effective. The research question is that of determining what types of communications tools that effective managers use to inform and persuade, regardless of audience type. Though styles may change according to the needs of the group of focus at the moment, effective oral communication should contain the same message when delivered for diverse audiences. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

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