Research Paper On Economics Topics

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  • Master of Liberal Arts' Program Letter of Educational Intent

    A 4 page letter of intent to be used for admission into a Master’s of Liberal Arts program. The student’s area of undergraduate study was economics; s/he now seeks to study Modern Political Theory; Issues in Contemporary Theology; Globalization and Identity; Americans and a Sense of Place; Religion in America; and The Catholic Vision within an economics context. Combining these areas of study on a foundation of economics has the power to provide valuable insight in this age of globalization. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are not new concepts, but they are only now receiving systematic, concerted attention. All of the topics included here have value in that area of study. Bibliography lists 1 source.

  • Culture of Costa Rica

    A 6 page research paper that examines the culture of Costa Rica by looking the topics of religion, education, economics, family, class structure, language, history, natural resources and geography. In so doing, this survey of culture shows the complexity of this Latin American society. Biography lists 8 sources.

  • Business Ethical and Environmental Issues

    A 4 page paper that responds to four specific topics. IBE tests for ethical actions with an example. Why should government ensure corporations are environmentally friendly. What is environmental sustainability and challenges for developed and developing economics. What are advantages, disadvantages and ethical issues of Online pharmacies. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Agricultural Economics and Ethiopia

    9 pages in length. The reason for choosing Ethiopia as a focus for agricultural economics is because there exists an inherent presence for failure when the people are either provided with imported food or given the opportunity to grow their own supplies. The extent to which this dichotomy continues to exist in spite of extraordinary measures makes this country particularly interesting to examine; as well, the tens of thousands – and even millions – of Ethiopians who have and continue to die due to agriculturally related issues renders this a topic about which everyone should care. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • The Economist and the Development Economics

    This 5 page report discusses an article in the British publication, The Economist. An article from March of 1997 is analyzed that addresses the topic of development economics. The author of the report makes a (qualified) argument in support of what the author of the article says. Bibliography lists 2 secondary sources.

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