Research Paper On Dna Testing

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  • Identity Testing and DNA

    A 2 page paper discussing the probability of identity through DNA testing. Long used for paternity testing, forensic databases even now are being constructed listing genotypes of known and convicted offenders. Improvements in test procedures and sensitivity has resulted in probability of identity increasing from 1 in 5,000 to 1 in 82 billion in recent years, making DNA testing one of the most reliable methods of proving identity. Bibliography lists 3 sources. KS-DNA.doc

  • DNA Testing and Joseph Wambaugh's The Blooding

    A 7 page research paper that evaluates British police performance in a 1980s murder case via the description of the case offered by Joseph Wambaugh's text, The Blooding. This case was the first murder case to use DNA testing. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Forensic Science and DNA Testing

    6 pages in length. Technological advancement has changed the very foundation upon which mankind lives; while some of this tremendous progress is questionable in nature, the vast majority has allowed for significantly more convenience, speed and result. DNA testing within forensic science is one of the most important examples of how technology has enabled law enforcement officials to identify criminals much more accurately and in much less time. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Constitutional Rights, Early Arrest Phase, and Mandatory DNA Testing

    A 4 page contention that the collection of DNA during the earliest phases of an arrest is unacceptable. While DNA evidence is highly regarded as a phenomenal tool in the address of crime, to enact laws which allow the collection of DNA from an individual at this early of a stage in an arrest is a horrendous assault on our rights as U.S. citizens! Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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