Research Paper On Corporate Law Topics

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  • English Law, Corporate Identity, and the Doctrine of Separate Corporate Personality

    This 7 page paper looks at the concept of the separate corporate identity under English law. The paper is written in two parts. The first part critically discusses the nature and significance of the doctrine of separate corporate personality and considers how it is applied. The second part of the paper assess the situations where the doctrine of separate corporate personality may not be applied with reference to case law and statutory examples. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Comparison of Scots Law with Sharia Law

    This 16 page paper looks at Scottish law from a number of perspectives. Written in three parts the first part looks at the basis and development of Scots law. The second part of the paper examines the way promises may be enforced under Scots law comparing it to Islamic law. The last part of the paper considers the concept of separate corporate identity in Scotland and compares this to Islamic law. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

  • Class Rights Variation and Corporate Control

    This 8 page paper is written with reference to English Law. The paper examines and considers the extent to which the law governing variation of class rights of shareholders may permit the increase of corporate control. Statute law and case law are quoted throughout the paper. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

  • Reforming Corporate Law and English Company Law Modernization

    The 2001 white paper modernising English company law contained no reference to any need to reform the law of group corporate activity. This 3 page discusses this with particular reference to the treatment of groups as a single entity also with the single economic unit argument. The paper considers the position and the role of case law that whish indicates the need for legislative reform. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • English Law and Theory of Team Production

    This 14 page paper examines to what extent Team Production Theory can be seen to offer an accurate account of English company law. Comparison is made with US law where this model has been developed and seen as applicable in the ongoing development of corporate governance. The paper explains what is meant by Team Production Theory and then applies this model to English law. The bibliography cites 13 sources.

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