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  • Impact of Audits on Accident Rates in Hong Kong/A Research Proposal

    This 15 page paper gives an in-depth research proposal to examine the hypothesis that accident rates will drop in the Hong Kong construction industry is health and safety audits are made compulsory. The paper looks at the background and shows why this research is important in terms of human and economic cost. The paper then considers methodology and gives an example questionnaire, discussing how it can be analyzed to assess the hypothesis. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

  • Safety and Health

    This 6 page paper looks at different issues regarding Health and Safety at work. The writer argues that the engineer has a moral responsibly to consider health and safety when designing products systems or services and looks at the role of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the role of the health and safety engineer in industry, the role of the health and safety committee in a modern factory, the use of risk assessment tools and the value in health and safety measures. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

  • The Pyramid Building of Ancient Egypt and the Beginnings of Engineering, Technology, and Cultural Dynamics

    This 11 page report discusses the enormous undertaking of building the pyramids and the incredible accuracy that was used in the construction of a tomb and monument to dead pharaohs. Every aspect of the ancient people’s life was consumed by the combination of worship and construction. The two were inextricably connected. Technology developed in support of the construction and the construction continually glorified the divine in ever-greater measures. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Risk Management and Construction Information Sharing on the Internet

    A 10 page paper discussing information sharing as a form of risk management. Whether a one-person business specializing in small home repair or a multinational construction firm that undertakes only multimillion-dollar government-funded projects, cost and budget control can be as important to the success of the construction business as is technical expertise. In today’s environment, it is critical that partners involved in construction projects share the information they have about their joint projects. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

  • Workplace Safety and OSHA

    5 pages. Safety in the workplace is the subject of regularly scheduled meetings due to Occupational Safety and Health Association regulations. In order to promote goodwill among employees and to encourage their attendance at these meetings there are often promotionals and giveaway items at these meetings that serve as constant reminders throughout the year that safety is a priority in the workplace.

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