Research Paper On Catapults

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  • Roman Catapults

    A 5 page paper which looks at the history of the Roman Catapults. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Physics and the Catapult

    A 4 page discussion of the catapult. This paper describes the design of the catapult and how changing different aspects of that design can change its efficiency. Bibliography lists sources.

  • Employment Law and Employer Duties; A Case Study

    This 9 page paper looks at a case concerning English employment law and assesses three different scenarios. The first concerns the way that work conditions are provided with cramped conditions and glaring computer monitors. The second issue concerns vicarious liability of the employer for an employee who catapults scissors across a room and injures another employee. The last issue considered is a scenario where an employer writes a false reference. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

  • Discount Competition and Why KMart was Defeated by WalMart

    3 pages in length. It is not difficult to ascertain the reasons why Wal-Mart has overtaken K-Mart in the discount chain rivalry: inflexibility and lack of open-mindedness, as well as a decidedly lazy approach to customer service are the primary causes. In an industry that is fueled upon the slightest discrepancy, it is quite obvious that K-Mart's chairman, president and chief executive Mr. Antonini does not have a clue as to the most effective way to run his business. Mr. Glass, however, who is Mr. Walton's successor, understands perfectly the necessary elements that have catapulted Wal-Mart to the incredible heights it has achieved. The writer discusses the various reasons why Wal-Mart outdid K-Mart. No sources cited.

  • Television Violence Reduction Argument

    A 5 page paper arguing for TV programming based on higher ideals rather than on blood and gore. One network has catapulted from the bottom of the pile based solely on the success of 'Touched by an Angel,' a show CBS executives believed would not last a full season, and has since added similar programming. Hollywood has followed suit. These shows and movies are not venues of substitute preaching, but rather are representation of higher ideals by which we can live and make our daily choices. The 'garbage in/ garbage out' saying common among early computer programmers applies also to the human mind, and reducing the level of violence on TV can only have positive effects. CBS has shown that those positive effects also can be reflected in the corporate bottom line. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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