Research Paper On Gambling Addiction

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  • Internet Gambling Should be Banned

    This 3 page argumentative essay looks at gambling and why Internet gambling is particularly disturbing. Gambling addiction is discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • The Deleterious Effects of Computer Gambling

    This 5 page paper addresses this compelling issue. Gambling addiction is only one reason considered to support a thesis opposing Internet gaming. The paper concludes that Internet gambling sets people up to lose money and should be illegal in all states. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Casino Gambling Should be Prohibited

    This 6 page paper provides an argument suggesting that casino gaming should be illegal in the United States. Arguments include the fact that casinos attract crime. Gambling addiction is discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • The Legalization of Gambling: Its Social Impact and the Reasons for Its Continuation Paper Outline

    This is a 3 page outline discussing the points needed for a paper on the legalization of gambling and its social impact. However, the outline concludes with the continuation of legal gambling opposed to possibilities of banning it. An outline involving the legalization of gambling and its social impact includes various elements: the history of gambling on a worldwide scale; the history of gambling in the United States; and the impact of the legalization of gambling on a psychological, sociological and economic scale among other factors. The negative impact of legalized gambling has been found to be mainly socioeconomic in that people who become addicted gamblers often end up not only ruining their own lives financially and socially but also the lives of those around them. From a psychological perspective as well, gambling addiction must be treated similar to other addictions and therefore requires financial assistance to administer recovery programs. The positive impact of gambling is largely economic in nature by providing communities and state governments which much needed funding and employment opportunities in addition to the fact that many people enjoy gambling as a leisure activity. Despite the negative aspects related to gambling however, most researchers seem to conclude that banning gambling would not only be ineffective in stopping compulsive gamblers who may increase their risk by continuing to gamble but that banning gambling will take away some of the fundamental rights expected within the U.S.; freedom of decision-making and individual responsibility. Individuals currently have the freedom to decide whether or not to take part in the leisure activity of gambling or not; if this freedom were to be taken away it would negatively affect the nation’s moral health.

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